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Hi, been awhile.

I brought my 770 on a trip and my rental car is brand new -- 6 miles. VW Passat with bluetooth, probably intended for hands-free phone connectivity. Can I play MP3s thru the car speakers?

CONTROL PANEL stuff follows.

Device... OS2006

VW PHONE immediately showed up.
Details button...
Phone name: * VW PHONE
* it shows an icon with a musical note
Phone type: Audio/Video
Cellular type: (none)
Dial-up networking: No
File transfer: Yes
SIM access profile: No
Bluetooth address: [sample follows] 09:0A:0B:0C:0D:FF

Connect without asking: Phone connection results in a "no phone connections saved".
[when I set up the phone it warned me something about no connectivity detected, my guess is Connectivity settings are N/A to what I wanna do and are meant for tethering data using the phone's radio/wifi/cellular as the source]

So I ran Audio player and the MP3 plays on the 770. Nothing on the car stereo, and I don't have the car Owner's Manual. The car stereo does have Bluetooth within Menu/Setup and I did turn it on.

My next step is to try to download the Passat Owner's Manual.

Any tips? Any other things I need to do in Control panel? I'm intrigued by the "File transfer: Yes" too LOL. Thanks.
Posts: 54 | Thanked: 2 times | Joined on Jun 2007
Found the manual -- the car kinda needs a manual to find the manual.

The radio uses A2DP, so OS2006 is probably prohibitive. thoughtfix says no A2DP in the initial OS2007, so that's my next research point and I might need to repost this in the OS2007 category.

FWIW, not too impressed with the 2013 Passat S Automatic.

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