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glad to see theres still a community caring about the n900! I have a very strange problem that occured only recently, there is nothing i can find on it on the internet (i write this after three desperate days of googling, trying out similar solutions, etc).


I bought a SolarVoice908 Bluetooth-Headset which is able to pair with multiple phones. So i paired both my IPhone4S and the N900 to it, no problem. I could use everything on the N900, like listening to music, making calls, receiving calls, anything - until recently. All of a sudden when trying to make a call or receive a call, the headset doesnt get any data and doesnt send any data. Meaning i cant hear the caller and they cant hear me either. The funny thing is: i can hear the ringtone in my headset when i am being called. Calling and receiving calls on the headset with the iphone works flawlessly. --> Problem is with the N900.

What is even more strange: the phone is still paired with the headset, i can listen to music that i play on the N900 over the headset, i can hear for example when i close a window on the N900 ("swooshing" sound), and i even hear the ringtone on the headset when i am being called on my N900.

This is what i tried so far to no avail/no improvement:
- switching bluetooth on iphone off, deleting profile on iphone for solarvoice908
- deleting profile on N900 for solarvoice908 and paired it with the solarvoice908 again
- sudo gainroot and rm -rf /var/lib/bluetooth/--> everything here, at the beginning there was a folder with my mac-adress and a folder called "...-callerid-allowed". After deleting those there appeared a new folder with the mac-adress again as well as "...-callerid-none", which i also deleted
- to every step i switched the phone off and back on again
- tried sudo gainroot and stop/start bluetoothd
- switched WLAN on/off and tried the above

I cannot think of anything else that might cause this or might solve this, any of you have a clue what is left to do for me? It especially puzzles me that the phone actually IS transferring data via bluetooth (music/ringtone/regular sounds from the phone), but simply seems not to transfer calling data back and forth to the bluetooth device...

BTW, there were no updates i made with the N900. Its not online and hasnt been for a long time now (I mostly use my Iphone4 now, due to living rural and getting very weak signal, which made me only rarely use my N900). Also I didnt install/removed anything lately, not that i can remember.

Any help is greatly appreciated, fellow N900-worshippers!
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also (since i am not allowed to edit my post...?), the solarvoice908 reacts to switching off bluetooth on the n900. This means the headset was connected and recognized, then got the signal of the bluetooth being switched off and thus breaking off the connection between N900 and headset.
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This may sound silly, but have you tried adjusting the volume while on the call? Call volume (and many other volume settings) are remembered independently in the system. So while playback may be at max and happy, call volume may be at 0 or so low you can't hear the caller...
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Hi, thanks for your help, i tried adjusting volume on solarvoice BT headset --> doesnt help. As I said before, playing music on the N900 as well as for example closing a window ("swoosh"-sound) plays perfectly well on the BT headset without any adjustments.

Where exactly do I check on the volume used for calls by headset? I'll search the settings now... any other ideas what might cause this...?
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OMFG it really WAS the volume. As soon as you make a call and you use the zoom +/- buttons, a new slider will appear, thus changing just the volume of the call...

Why didnt they include ALL those sliders in some sort of settings menu... oh man.

Thanks again for your help, woody! :-)
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thanks for confirming the solution privided by Woody

are you able to change the title of the thread to
[SOLVED] very, very strange bluetooth problem on n900

bluetooth, headset, nokia n900, problem, transfer

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