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Is there anyone who has linked and more importantly used the G-Shock Bluetooth successfully with openwatch?

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well, this is what battery lifetime on a smart_watch should look like:

The Bluetooth® v4.0 (Bluetooth® low energy technology) enabled G-SHOCK puts low-power near field communication technology at your fingertips throughout the day. Linking with a Bluetooth® v4.0 iPhone enables a host of useful features and functions, including incoming call and mail alerts on your G-SHOCK, Phone Finder, Link Loss Alert Alert, Auto Time Update and more.
All of these functions and more are powered by a single button type battery with a battery life of approximately two years. And, of course, everything comes protected by world-renowned G-SHOCK shock resistance.
This and more makes G-SHOCK smarter and tougher than ever!
Now this is something to be considered... we badly need BT4.0 low energy drivers for N9. The chipset is capable so only the driver is needed. Any volunteers or do I have to do it alone?
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Having not followed bluetooth development I assume the low power consumption of BT4 means it would be incompatible with the N900, at least for reasonable battery life.
Maybe when the Neo900 version of the GTA04 boards are available they will have sourced an upgrade to a BT4 chip like the N9.

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