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Originally Posted by rogger888 View Post
Ok I misunderstood about unlocking the bootloader, this has to be unlocked via the sony website is that correct?
Exactly. You have reached the point where the bootloader can be unlocked.
Now you need to actually unlock.
(Warning: actually unlocking it will fry the DRM keys. Have you backed these up before ? *)

On the website you need to register your e-mail (or a single use e-mail)
Then give the IMEI of your Xperia X
then it will give you the code to unlock the phone.

It will look something like 'fastboot oem unlock 0x<key>' where the key is a long hexadecimal string specific to your phone.

Originally Posted by rogger888 View Post
and how much of ths android sdk do I need to download.
Only the 'fastboot' executable.
If you've reached that point, you should normally already have it installed.
(There is a Windows copy packed inside Jolla's Sailfish X installer).


* - the most user-friendly and cross-platform is to use :

- downgrade the firmware to Android 6.0.1 Mashmallow (34.0.A... firmwares)
- activate again developers mode, debug mode, untrusted sources
- menu File -> turn on "Advanced mode".
- menu Advanced -> TrimArea -> Raw -> Backup (this gives a .fta file)
- this gives you a "registeredDevices_<serialnumber>_rawta_<date>.fta" file, keep it preciously
- upgrade the firmware to Android 7.1.1 Nougat (34.3.A.0.228 or 238).
- now you can safely unlock your phone ("fastboot oem unlock 0x<key>")

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