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I just purchased a Sharp SL-C760 with 3 networking adapters (56k, wifi, and 10/100) along with an IBM 1GB microdrive. Also included was an extra battery and all the other standard accessories. Full converted to english using one of the linux flavored ROM's. Snagged this deal for $350USD.

Anyone else have experience with these things? How would you compare them to the upcoming Nokia? I know its only 640x480 reso, but it does have a full keyboard.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions...
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Here are some basic specs for the sharp, just to add for discussion:

Installed Memory 62 MB

Input Method Jog Dial • Keyboard • Touch Screen
Technical Features
Processor Type Intel XScale PXA255

Processor Speed 400 MHz
Screen Resolution 640 x 480

Color Depth 16-bit (64k colors)

Built-in Music Player
MP3 Player

Voice Recorder With Voice Recorder

Audio Output Built in Speaker

Width 4.7 in.
Depth 0.9 in.
Height 3.3 in.
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Hmm that would be a good writeup. The Sharp is a killer device. I really wanted the one with the built in hard drive.
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A few questions --

How big is the screen physically? I'm guessing around 4 inches, but could you specify?

How much does it weigh?

WiFi is available through an adapter? Is that internal or what? No Bluetooth? Does it have USB?

Did you get a new one? Used? You say it was a deal -- what's the list price? I saw that it came out originally in 2003 -- is it still being marketed?

Just curious. Wanting to understand the relative merits of the two devices too.
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RogerS I actually just won it last night, so I don't even have it yet. Judging by the pics and the seller it is in excellent condition. I've been researching these for a while (actually how I came across the Nokia) and from what I've seen the most currently marketed to the c760 is the c3100 which comes with a builtin 4GB hardrive. Those are going for $700+USD on ebay and can be purchased (imported) from for 899!! From what I've read they are about half a pound in weight.

As far as network connectivity, this model dosn't have any built in options. The adapters I got are all compact flash. The unit has CF and SD. Also, it does have USB to connect up to the computer. The IBM Microdrive is 1GB in storage and has a 3400RPM speed. The seller also included an extra battery which I'm sure will come in handy.
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compact flash wifi should be not as good as the built in wifi in nokia i think (it can be compared maybe...)

We can't compare an used and a new product i think, if CL-760 still for sale, you should compare the price with it...

it's a 3.7" screen and nokia have a 4.13"

nokia is not a product made for store data but if you want to store data, there is bluetooth or usb auto-alimented external disk (with a larger capacity...)

An other point is maemo on nokia, i think the integration is better with maemo than the integration of zaurus...
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The zaurus community does have a rather matured package base. One of the main sites I found for the community drive OS is

And here, a site with packages to install:

Once I get the unit, I will take some detailed photos.
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I posted some size comparisons and other info here:
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Here is a pic I took of what browsing is like on the C760...I spend quite a few hours doing this :-)
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Mine will arrive on thursday. What is the speed like surfing via bluetooth connection on your phone?

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