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Originally Posted by olighak View Post
Is this template available?

Or should I do like some of the others and make things up in Excel?

I've got a stealth keyboard which I'd like custom laser etched. Has anyone done that, could anyone give a guide? Should I send it back to someone?

Best wishes,
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I did, and looked at every single file and directory. There is nothing.

Here is all it says:

Credits to Andrew

designs, files etc"

I'm cool with shipping the stealth keyboard part to someone if someone wants to take it to a shop that can laser etc. it, or has done it to theirs already. And I can describe or make a file with what I am intending, but obviously I'd like to reinvent the wheel as little as possible.

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Originally Posted by wazd View Post
Hello people, long time no see
I've finally finished a template for TOHKBD layout file that will be used to laser etch letters on the keypad.

A little explanation. Each key will have blue "zone" underneath black paint and UV coating even though some zones will not have a symbol hence fully coated. But you will be able to engrave symbols of your liking within that zone and they will be blue and will receive backlight.

Now we need your help to make all the layouts you will ever need, from QWERTY to COLEMAK. Feel free to post examples of your personal layouts (don't forget to mention its origins) and I will make a vector file for each of you for smooth and faultless engraving.

And thanks for supporting us!
Andrew does the F1-F12 layout work for the keybord layout file? I am assuming yes. If not I'll go back and move some keys.

Best wishes and thanks,
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Oli, wazd is going to make your layout into a vector file for you, "that's part of the deal". I don't know if you're already in contact with him? He's been away for some time, but he's back

I went to a local (Eindhoven) engraving/3d-printing/custom t-shirt shop and they said they need a file (most vector files will do, but even a high res jpeg could work). They prefer a file where the corners are physical reference points so they can align their engraving machine from where to where it should engrave the file onto the keyboard. So no file with whitespace aound the layout, the left top of the file should align with the left top of the left top key.

I expect wazd to make me a vector file and I'll just walk to the shop with my keyboard and the file.

With some luck I'll be able to have my keyboard engraved this week. I'll post pictures.

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