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I have recently been copying my music and encoding to AAC, primarily to fit as much as possible on my nokia S60 phone when out and about without my tablet.

Files work great on the phone, on the PC, and in media player on the tablet, but Canola2, which is currently the best fit for my needs, has a nasty habit of skipping over most of them as if they are corrupt. I've changed the backend player and tried both Osso, and mplayer with no difference. I'd really like to stick with AAC, as it is much much more space effiecient, and my ears cannot detect any difference.

I've had a dig about, and cannot find anything recent, although there are posts from other people a good while ago experiencing the same issue.

I'm wondering if anybody has found some optimised settings which work with Canola2, or if I am stuck with Media Player.

Media Player works mostly, although is very unresponsive at times, doesn't display album art (not a biggy), and does not have an option to ignore my Audiobooks.


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My AAC works perfectly with Canola.
I converted my CDs using iTunes.
however the embedded album covers are not read by Canola, i just used the cover download function.

Just a tip, in case : can you check that there is not a hidden file for each of your tracks ? Macs usually do that (thumbnails) ... and these small files can confuse the player.

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Cheers Totololo. It's good to get confirmation that Canola does play properly with AAC, and that I'm not wasting my time.

It's probably Canola just being being a bit nitpicky about my files. I'll try reencoding some with a different encoder and see how I get on.



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