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Hey everyone,

I just posted this idea (surely not unique) in another thread but the more I've been thinking about it, the more I thought it'd make an interesting discussion.

We're quickly approaching a new level of convergence. MIDs are reaching usable speeds and capacities to replace laptops for a great many users.

Imagine a cradle that does the following:

- Charges the device
- Breaks out HDMI, a better bluetooth / wifi antenna, USB host (keyboard / mouse), and audio in/out

.. but most importantly, has a metal tab near a docking port that actually transfers heat from the phone!

If all of the heat conduits inside the phone converged at the docking port, a small tab (ie. 5mm x 10mm) could mate with it when docking, and remove excess heat from the device, allowing the CPU and coprocessors to clock much higher. In theory, speeds over 1ghz should be easily reachable. Now we're talking serious web browsing, advanced gaming, high-res movies, on-device programming... enough to replace a laptop for many people.

The cradle itself could use a small peltier device to cool the tab to 30C below ambient, and run everything out to a heatsink (possibly with small variable fan). Even if it drew 15W to remove 5W of heat, it would still draw less power than most laptops.

Imagine.. keep a cradle by your bed, and use your phone as your alarm clock. One near your TV/Stereo, and use it as a home-threater PC (PVR, movies, youtube, etc). One in the kitchen with a 10" touchscreen LCD, and use it for recipes and entertainment while you do dishes.

One in the car, which throws it into car mode - easy access to GPS navigation, music, traffic reports, etc.

Take one on vacation, and leave it at the hotel, with a small keyboard/mouse. Come in after a long hard day of sightseeing, and dump/upload your photos, watch a movie before bed, then use it as your alarm clock.

The convergence possibilities are endless.

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