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enter you're number in this format:
+country code
phone number without first digit.

don't know if necessary but I would recommend to delete android wa from the phone..
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Killed whatsapp android process and registration went ok.
Thank you !
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Very nice work ! Clean, intuitive and responsive gui.
I like it very much !
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Registration (Germany) , OK!
Working very well... i love it, grate work Cepi...
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Working very well here in The Netherlands as well, thank you!
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Works in Finland too.

As someone wrote:
1.) kill Android Whatsapp Process
2.) + Int contry code
3.) Phone numner without (0)

registration went fine.

Big THX and Thumbs up !!!
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Now I can get rid of Dalvik.

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Great work! Thanks! Where can we find the source code?
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Originally Posted by Kake41 View Post
Now I can get rid of Dalvik.
Well, one more app left for me. Navigation. I use Waze, once in a while. I can now leave Dalvik shutdown most of the time.

Hopefully one of the native solutions will become really usable and then, , bye bye Dalvik.
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Originally Posted by mind_the_gap View Post
Great work! Thanks! Where can we find the source code?
Nowhere. I don't want WhatsApp to make some shlt on me.
QML files are in /usr/share/whatsup folder, protocol is not so different from yappari or mitakuuluu, except I have a lot of unused code I've never cleaned. The rest is just basic like reading folders, files, etc.
I'll clean it someday and maybe put on some private repo, but there's a lot to do and it's not a priority for me.
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