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I tried to extend and recompile contacts-merger for the Nokia N900. So I need libosso-abook-dev as a build-dep. Which itself seems to be a nokia binary.

So I need - AFAIK - some token for the nokia-binaries repository.

But I cannot find anyone and the websites to get one are broken:
-> 404 Not found - nginx
-> Not Found - The requested URL /eula/index.php was not found on this server.

Please, can anyone give me access to some repository with packages needed for developing software for the N900?

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I've been hit by the same problem. The following post after mine has the answer.
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Even if I had preferred some more official sources: Thanks - it works.

By the way. You are a supporter of the Neo900 project? It's the first time I heard of it. (Even if I have two N900.) Unluckily it's quite too expensive for me. (I've bought both of my N900 as used devices, the last one for 50. Not even a tenth of what a Neo900 is priced at.)

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