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A touchscreen friendly VNC client

* Viewport can be dragged around without using scrollbars
* Touchpad-like mouse input: Tap the screen for a single
click, tap twice for a double click, single tap plus
dragging motion to drag objects on the remote desktop
* Fit remote desktop to screen
* Configurable zoom buttons
* Portrait mode support

Presence VNC 0.2 can be found in the extras-devel repository.

Once I figure out how to launch the virtual keyboard via Qt I'll include it (hints welcome )
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Wow...looking really good so far! I do have one suggestion though: Could you make it so that I can use the Shift and Function keys without having to hold them down, so that I can just press the Shift/Fn key and then hit the key that I want, like most other Maemo apps?

Other than that small issue, this one is a vast improvement over the other Maemo VNC viewer.

Thanks a lot:!
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This app isn't working for me. It prompts me for an ip then it just spins and spins and never connects. I also tried running from the command prompt to see if the terminal gave any useful output, unfortunately it didn't tell me much:

--------------------- trying init ---------------------
scaleResize(): 636 476
scaleResize(): 0 0

EDIT: Nevermind. I was being stupid. I was trying to connect to the ip address when I should've been connecting to ip:1
It's working for me now.

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Really cool! Will take it for a spin when i get home.
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Right-Click supportet ?
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Excellent, as soon as my router arrives and I will test this on my LAN. The original VNC on N900 was good but hard to use due to it not liking touch screen, but this seems to be a vast improvement.

I agree with FreeThinker and eme, to be able to press shift/function once would be very handy. And some kind of right click support is needed (either long tap of screen or function and click)
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According to the preferences in the app, the left zoom HW button is configured as left-click and the right HW zoom button is configured as right-click.

Haven't tried it in practice yet, though.
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right click is on the volume rocker
such an improvement on the other vnc app great work mate
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I do not know how good it is on 3g. But i rekkon that it would be nice to have an option for a heavy compression stream. Maybe something for later though.

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