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hi ,i am a linux newer i install gcc,g++,make,built-essenial on my N900,i "make" the ncrack source code ,and success install it on N900,but it can't work,i type command,test some RPD host,nothing response. only i test some outline host ,it response some message.
is somebody interest this program,study together......
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Just compiled ncrack in Scratchbox and I get the same results; just seems to hang on that same screen "Starting Ncrack..."

Edit: It is working, it just takes a long time to run (~20 minutes) and does not ouput any progress:

ssh:// finished.

Ncrack done: 1 service scanned in 1174.95 seconds.
Probes sent: 2508 | timed-out: 0 | prematurely-closed: 1668

Ncrack finished.

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why ,i used --user ---pass argument,test one user and one password ,wait long time ,but no response......

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