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nmap 6.01 add many new feature ,so i want run nmap 6.01 on N900.

i success compiled nmap6.01 ,
but when execute any scan ,it output:route_dst_netlink "can't find
interface wlan0"
nmap --iflist ,it output:interface (not found) router (not found)

i google it ,and find some message ,i comment 517 line in source file
/nmap6.01/libdnet-stripped/src/intf.c (/* if
(addr_ston(&ifr.ifr_addr, &entry->intf_link_addr) < 0)
return (-1);*/)
recompile ,,nmap can found interface,execute scan(nmap,work fine).
but when i scan in LAN,nmap can't found any alive host
Starting Nmap 6.02 ( ) at 2012-07-02 21:58 PDT
Initiating ARP Ping Scan at 21:58
Scanning [1 port]
Completed ARP Ping Scan at 21:58, 0.47s elapsed (1 total hosts)
Nmap scan report for [host down]
Read data files from: /usr/local/bin/../share/nmap
Note: Host seems down. If it is really up, but blocking our ping probes, try -Pn
Nmap done: 1 IP address (0 hosts up) scanned in 1.11 seconds
Raw packets sent: 2 (56B) |
Rcvd :0B

i don't know why ? i kown a little linux only,sorry my bad english.
can sombody kown how to fix it ,thanks very much

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