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I tried to search the forum, but could not find exactly the same problem. If there has been a thread about same problem, please direct me to it, thanks. Then, on to the problem.

I was on a fishing trip and tripped and fell into a small pond. My N900 was in my trouser pocket, but seemed not to get wet. I immediately switched it off and a couple of hours later turned it on. The battery was almost drained and after shutting the phone off, it would not switch on again. When I got home, the battery was dead, it would not accept charging from a car charger, wall charger or usb cable. I replaced it with new, and now it works again. Everything seems fine, except:

I am using Advanced Interface Switcher. I can turn WLAN on (I usually have WLAN disabled to save power), but when I go to open Internet connection, it just "time outs". It keeps searching, but nothing happens. It does not show even the 3G connections. When I turn WLAN back off, it takes some time, and finally I get "WLAN is not responding. Close application?".

If I try to connect to 3G internet connection, immediately when connection is made (the packet data icon stops flashing), the phone reboots. No pin code is asked. The reboot reason:

~ $ cat /proc/bootreason
Also, one more symptom is that the processor seems to run hotter than earlier. It used to be around 30-35 degrees celcius and now it is mostly over 40 degrees (using QCPUFreq). Overclocked or not, the network problems persist. No matter if I reboot the phone.

Otherwise I have not noticed anything different. Applications work, keyboard works, sms:s work, telephony works, etc...

Hardware failure after all (because of the slight dive in the pond) or what could be causing these problems? Any logs I could check? Any dumps I could check? I would not want to try reflashing.
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Bump. Anyone? Any locations of crashdumps, coredumps, network logs, anything?

Additional details: PR1.3 (20.2010.36-2) in use, with power kernel and CSSU 20.2010.36-2maemo15. When I have enabled WLAN and go to select an internet connection, "top" shows /usr/sbin/wlancond occupying 95-99% of CPU. "Select connection" dialog is trying to find available connections but is not finding any, just keeps searching.

Edit: While wlancond is apparently trying to find network connections, "sudo gainroot" wont work in xterm. It just "waits" and nothing happens.

And yes, I have tried going to offline mode and back, tablet mode and back, etc.
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My guess is with your assumption that it did not get wet. Remember that your N900 is not waterproof by design and if any water was absorbed through any of the holes on N900 (there's plenty of them) could damage the device if the device was not later cleaned out and left to dry properly.

If the symptoms you mentioned above started happening after you fell into the small pond. It is relative safe to say that your device has been affected by water (or any other things that lives in the pond). You did not mention that the device was later disassembled, cleaned properly and left to dry would have potentially caused some damage. Though alternatively you should have immediately taken the device to Nokia Care to make sure they can properly remedy the effect.

If my predictions are right, there is very little you can do to rectify the problem as the water damage may have already left an imprint inside the device. There might be a thing you could do, that is to take it to your nearest Nokia Care and see if they can clean it out (and/or replace damaged/affected components where possible). Though, in saying so to drop your device off at Nokia Care, you may not be able to get your N900 repaired as there is a shortage on the spare parts for N900 and you may end up with a N8 or E7 (maybe even N9 if you are lucky enough to convince Nokia Care you are not satisfied with either of those symbian powered device and you would happily wait for a replacement which could possibly be a fair few months in the waiting process. Though I would not hold my breath on getting a N9 after you turned down for either N8 and/or E7 as replacement device).

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Now that I am finally back in the civilization, I took the phone to service. Let's see what they have to say about it.

On another note: The phone was in a pocket of my water-resistant trousers and I was sitting in the pond for only a couple of seconds. The phone had no moisture outside and when I removed the covers and the battery, everything seemed dry. Although it still of course could have gotten some water inside from some other point of entry.

I tweaked around for a day and got the GPRS working intermittently. It would reboot the phone 9 times out of 10, no matter whether I was using 2G, 3G or dual mode. WLAN would not work at all. The temperature seemed normal, maybe last time I checked it, I had just used the phone heavily/charged it/something, cannot remember.

Anyway, the original battery dying might indicate either water damage or some other damage (I did fall, I might have crushed the phone with my weight or the phone might have hit the rock).

We'll hear the judgement from the service at some point in (I hope) near future.
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he,now i have the same problem with you,how do you sovle it.

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