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I ignored the error and clicked update icon in the status bar. Then the update process went as usual and now its:

Thanks for the Christmas gift

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Everyone i have one problem. I enabled CSSU-Testing but its not showing any update in HAM ? I also tried clearing apt cache but still no luck. Although apt-get upgrade does show 221 packages with updates available. Any help ?

edit: Removing and re-adding CSSU-Testing repo solved the issue.

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Hi All!

I reflashed my n900 and installed CSSU Testing about two months ago but noticed an issue just now: I copied my earlier mce.ini back and now when I receive an email the led pattern doesn't show what it should - it stays black... SMS and missed calls are working fine (it worked for email too on CSSU Stable).

Does anyone have any clue what the problem could be?


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Your mce.ini is probably not fully compatible with installed mce version. Look at differences between your and original version. This could show you where is the problem.

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