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Originally Posted by zimon View Post
So pinch zooming is now Apple's property, tested and proven legally?

Has Nokia cross licensing with Apple which includes Apple's multitouch gesture patents?

Nice protectionism. Interesting to see how Google reacts.
yes i am sure even micronokia has intrests in killing samsung mobile bussines just wait and see not only apple is evil here.

actually I am not suprised if both nokia and apple help each other...

but the main thing is too scare away small players from linux Both microsoft and apple wins on that...

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Usability on the ropes.
Do something for the climate today! Anything!

I don't trust poeple without a Nokia n900...I'm also supporting Apple 2016 or until Jolla fully refund or ship the jPad to all backers and supports!

"waited over a year for no tablet and then the same again for potential refund? inspires confidence!"

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big brother, desperate fud, protectionism, samsung

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