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I have a Note 4, love it but the bloody lollipop update happened, probably as my thumb missed the back button instead of postpone for the 50th time.

I have performed a factory reset from settings and still end up with lollipop.

I read that I have to go through a complicated (for me) Odin process now as kit kat has been ovewritten.

I worry about further knackering my phone by doing this.

Do I go ahead or wait for a lollipop update?

I will not root my phone as I did that with my Note 2 and that did not end well.

This is likely to be the last chance saloon for Samsung for me as I'm sick and tired of untested updates.

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How about asking this in an android forum or just google "revert kitkat lollipop note 4" to find
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Thanks. I did and got that which led me to here. I was hoping for something requiring less external downloads / ie risk of something being nonstandard

help please, kit kat, lollipop, note 4, samsung

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