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I'd love to be able to try out Android as well (Google fanboi as I am)
Is anyone on this forum still involved in the NitDroid project - or is it, as asked above...a dead project?

(Actually there's a study in Northern California next week where you are paid $100 to come in for an hour and show Android running on any device - thought that could pay for my memory card..and some in'n'out burgers
I luv Google
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@ richard & tintin

AFAIK, the projects are dead, and for the purposes of using either of them as an OS, they are both useless atm.

Read back to find out why.

/ad nauseum
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I was really hoping Kalle Valo would be able to push N8x0 support to the mainline kernel this summer, thus making it much easier to port other projects (like Android), but I don't think it happened.
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the most locked down phone in history is now running android and really fast maybe u can see if any elements are portable

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i am still activly developing NITDroid for the NIT tablet , as seen in thread >

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android, nitdroid

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