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Using auto installer for Nitdroid 0.0.7, see below for 0.0.8 installation

Nitdroid - Android running on the Nokia internet tablet
Installation - an auto installater has arrived, just click and wait for 8 minute!
Running - ran for 24 hrs, no hiccup/freeze/reboot; speedwise, how does that measure to PR1.2? Honestly, I cannot tell if it is NOT running maemo.
Android market - dl and install, just like your favorite ovi store

Installation: N900 running PR1.2 or PR1.3; Nitdroid will be installed in a newly partitioned external 2G microSD; and it will be erased, so dont leave anything there (if you want to, a 0.5 G will work too). The auto installer will NOT touch your internal SD. There are million ways to install nitdroid, this is the way I did it. DJ_Steve auto installer, as of today, there is a slight hiccup, auto installer stuck at 2nd format "Format .... ext 3", you can partition manually (Step 1 Partition 1-3 and reboot, the rest will be done by the autoinstatller), and continue with auto installer, the whole process should take less than 8 minutes! I used a 4G Kingston, and partition 3.5G and .3G. has been retired by author and wont work.
Yes, overclock works, a very minor extra step if you interested, thread #2.
Short and precise, good info:

Running: Initial running will take you to setup wizard, to get out of setup wizard, scroll down on menu or touch 4 corners clockwise.
1) setup wifi, usual way, need to manually key in password
2) DO NOT Touch the airplane mode. It will turn off all wireless and is NOT strict forward to get out. Just leave it alone.

Android Market: In USA, go Android Market, search for OI file manager, dl and install, and have fun; to get "more" market, see below.
To uninstall, thread #3.
Keyboard get around, read it twice, you need it:
1) Ctrl + arrow key = arrow key in Android
2) camera key half press takes one back one screen, full press back to desktop
3) the small button between speaker and earphone jack is the menu key

Onscreen keyboard numeral is NOT working. Install Palm Graffiti or use different OSkeyboard.

From the wiki,
Once done booting to NITDroid, don't forget to Thank The NITDroid team!

Great thanks to the Nitdroid team, bring another excitement to the N900!

Edit: To install Nitdroid 0.0.8
Manual install: This is ONLY for people who already has Nitdroid 0.0.7 installed, auto-installer see below.
1) (Optional) Back up your installed apps to a maemo folder: copy all .apks from /and/data/app to a maemo folder say, /media/DCIM/myNitdroidapp
2) xterm/gainroot
3) cd ~/MyDocs
4) wget
72952474 bytes (~72Mb)
5) bzip2 -d NitDroid-0.0.8-Popov.tar.bz2
mount /dev/mmcblk1p2 /and
cd /and
rm -rf *
tar xvf ~/MyDocs/NitDroid-0.0.8-Popov.tar
dpkg -i ~/MyDocs/.nitdroid/nitdroid-kernel-2.6.28-06_final1_armel.deb (Credits to : Nitdroid dev team and somedude, lohiaprateek)

skip initial wizard by touching 4 corners of your screen in clockwise (you need to set up wifi 1st)
set up wifi
(optional) reboot to maemo to copy back all your apps from /media/DCIM/myNitdroidapp to /and/data/app
reboot back to Nitdroid>android market>finish your initial wizard by signing into your google acct.

Using the auto-installer for 0.0.8

Slightly faster boot, boot without animation:
from maemo
mount /dev/mmcblk1p2 /and
add to /default.prop

Much improve in booting time on slow SD

Where do you get apps? Here, and see pics of beautiful nitdroid apps!!!

Get installation help from the master

Tips: For the linux non-initiated, a lot of file renaming/editing/etc, I did it from my winPC, it took 10 min to set it up, once it is set, you can then do everything on winPC to your N900, details here,

Want to play with your nitdroid gps? Not yet. But you can if you use BT GPS,, see thread #36, it even works with Google Navigation, yes, all the bell-whistle with voice/route/poi...

Hungry for maps? Dont have to.... at 44 map apps here thread #9, all about maps, USA, Europe, Germany, play with maps till your face turned androidgreen!

To back up your installed apps without losing them upon upgrade: copy your installed apps from /and/data/app into a maemo folder, e.g. /media/mmc1/mynitdroid, do your upgrade, then recopy back to /and/data/app.

Some Google apps and several social network apps requires gps to launch, otherwise it would crash. A temporary solution is to install BT GPS, it would at least allows one to run those apps before nitdroid GPS is ready. See BT GPS above.

Edit: 9/14/2010 HOT FROM THE PRESS: e-yes just released a patch for gps, you can run the gps required app after the patch without having to use a BT GPS, see here for details

10/10/10: Get your Skype.apk here today,

10/15/10: To get 'MORE' market, go to thread #508
================================================== ==================================
Edit 11/9/10 Titan 2.6.28-maemo45 (credit:, thread#195)
================================================== =
You MUST have multiboot or some kind of bootmenu installed before attempt, otherwise, bootloop may result, If you are running nitdroid, you have nothing to be afraid, you ALREADY has multiboot installed

Install thru app manager or manually,
get extras-devel enabled
apt-get install kernel-power-bootimg kernel-power-modules

Your system MUST be clean from unfinished business, unfinished installation etc, otherwise the following 2 commands would update EVERYTHING!
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
Reboot (may not be necessary)
That should get you the zImage files of the latest.

Now you need to work on the bootmenu. It is much much easier to use winscp to do editting if you are not good at linux. I use winscp and the renaming and editing is totally effortless.

boot up omap1, no OC boot, boot option 1,

connect via winscp or whatever you are comfortable with editing and renaming.

go /boot/ , you should have:
multiboot folder
and zImage-2.6.28-maemo45 (winPC size 1,793,436)
copy the zImage into /boot/multiboot/ and rename it to vmlinuz-

go /lib/modules/ to check, you should have:

in /boot/multiboot/ you should have:

in /etc/multiboot.d/ you should have a file, 01-Maemo-kernel-power4x.item
rename the file to 01-Maemo-kernel-power45.item and edit the file:
ITEM_NAME="Maemo jerbek-power45"

Double check everything, please really double check typo etc, otherwise rebootloop, and then reboot

Some people are paranoid , see pics below to check you have the correct power-kernel-modules

Pics are posted thread #638, enjoy

================================================== =

To fix fcamera, dl new fcam...armel.deb , thread #130 to /home/user/MyDocs/.documents

dpkg - i ~/MyDocs/.documents/fcam*armel.deb (if you have only 1 file by this name, otherwise, spell out the whole filename)
================================================== ========


addendum: Moderators: This is an advertisement for nitdroid, and is more catered towards about-to-be bordom N900 owners. People going to will NOT be interested in this. Thanks for your considerations

Useful links
[url] android news
Attached Images

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I've resisted until now - though I'm interested. What are *you* getting from it apart from the kicks?
Ernesto de Bernardis


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is it ready for every-day use? calls working?
as good as this sounds, there are still several reasons i want to wait
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Originally Posted by debernardis View Post
I've resisted until now - though I'm interested. What are *you* getting from it apart from the kicks?
- Going to the Android Market is quite eye opening
- running .apk in addition to .deb
- Seeing N900 running Android with very little 'overhead' is very satisfying
- maybe citrix driver one day?
- Most of all, the arrival of auto-installer makes it 'easy' enough for average joe like me


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Can I use this with the latest titan kernel?

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Originally Posted by simpu View Post
is it ready for every-day use? calls working?
as good as this sounds, there are still several reasons i want to wait
There is quite a 'mile' difference from developer's point of view compare to average user's point of view. For example, speedwise/hiccup/running smooth - my appraisal "you cannot tell it is NOT running maemo" speaks for all AND NO reboot in 24 hr running. Seeing is believing. Sure, there are sporadic post - "hiccup, battery runs warm, slow...." see it yourself

What is NOT working today:
1) no phone yet - but hey, a reboot is only 15 seconds.
2) GPS is not there yet

What is NOW working today:
1) Wifi
2) BT
3) SSH (have NOT tried yet)
4) photo album
5) music
6) access to SD card
7) alarm clock?
8) so and so forth.....

I have tried google chat.... dont know about google talk/skype yet. Anyhow, this is NOT a replacement for maemo, but is certainly good enough for everyday use as a 'brand new' internet tablet with a large bank of software.


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Originally Posted by poka64 View Post
Can I use this with the latest titan kernel?
I dont know. You need v40 (is this the latest?), that is what I have. earlier version will not work. I can boot into 850 MHz as I wish.

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Yes it's tempting. I'll wait until Backupmenu gets compatible with Multiboot - I *need* to backup my device at least twice weekly because I bork it at least thrice weekly
Ernesto de Bernardis


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Guys, as bun here is saying, Nitdroid now is somthing else. It's VERY good indeed. It's become fast and responsive. You will need a decent speed SD card. It's also very easy to install.

I would reccomand the following:

1. Backup you SD card in a folder on your computer.
2. Install through the autoinstaller (Will completely erase and partition your card - That is why you do point 1)
3. Copy back your SD card contents back you your newly formated card.
4. Use for fun and install LOADS of cool programs and games.
5. Get back to Maemo when ready for phone functionality
6. Amaze your friends with Asphalt 5 and show them how 'Pro' you are!(lol... this one is only if you want)

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* is the android os the 2.2 froyo?

* is it possible to install flash 10 to the browser?

* how's the apps compatibility to the phone's keyboard and touch screen?

very tempting....

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