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Originally Posted by vitaly_repin View Post
I was always sure that this the best way to go - utilize platform components rather than invent our owm wheel.
Exactly, do not(!) reinvent the square wheel.
That's an anti pattern and definitly how it shouldn't be done, if we have mail, calender and contact apps already, using them for MFE is the right idea.

Originally Posted by vitaly_repin View Post
- Ohoho! What about Exchange 2003?

- Ohoho! But what is the problem with google? I really want to have it!
I srsly had to laugh at this point. You made my day.

Good luck that everything works out well in the next fw updates.
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Originally Posted by elBasto View Post
I am a little confused at the moment. Some people who got their N900 already, are posting that they successfully synched Google Mail, Contacts and Calender. But it is said here that Google sync is not possible? How can that be?
Thanks in advance for clarification.
Check the FAQ in the first post:

Originally Posted by vitaly_repin
The release of the software which you can find in the box you have received was not designed to be compatible with google.
This is really the case. It means that you can be lucky (sync is successfull) or unlucky (it is not). You can be lucky today and unlucky tomorrow. Software is the same but the data transmitted over the protocol is different.

By the way, i am lucky with google sync but my colleague sitting next to me is not :-)

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Ahh, ok. Well then I hope that there will be changes to make this work in the future. If directly by the Maemo Team or by a third-party doesnt really matter..but i hope this is done soon. I think this is a key feature..
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I guess the thing to take from here is that Google-sync doesn't work and that MfE 2007 is supported.

Lack of communication raised expectation of users who created bugs assuming that the features of Symbian MfE would carry over to Maemo. And the fact that Google was working intermittently was a side-effect probably due to changes on the Google-side. Google-sync worked fine yesterday btw

Thanks for coming to the forums and clearing things up a bit.

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Thanks for the heads up, vitaly. It's good to get some honest feedback on this, and I know it must have taken some courage to step up like this.

It is appreciated!
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MfE is useless to me except for the possibility that it might (eventually?) let me sync gmail & calendar. I would really really like to be able to do this

Thanks for the info

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Hallo Vitaly,

could you give me a hint, where I can find a complete feature list of MfE for Maemo?
As soon as the N900 is available in Germany I'll test every detail of MfE and post suggestions.

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Originally Posted by vitaly_repin View Post
- Can community do something to get the google support on board?
- Yes. Influence Google (to be compatible with N900) and Nokia (to be compatible with google).
Are there any plans to implement Google's idea of MfE for the N900? The interest from the users certainly seems to be there.
I don't know the difficulties of doing this but I think it would be a very welcome addition.

It was always very comfortable with my last three mobile phones to only put in my Google exchange details and immediately have my contacts and calendar items (later even mail) synced.

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I submitted bug 5835, the one archebyte pointed out. I guess I am lucky that my calendar stays in sync with my Google (Apps) calendar. Syncing is sometimes problematic though. Contacts just does not work. There is an internal bug on that one as well.

Thank you Vitaly for taking the time to use the forum. As a user of a high end mainstream phone, I *expect* integration with Google, as both of the main competitors, to my knowledge, can. As an end user, I am not really interested in whether Nokia makes it compatible with Google, or the other way around. But it does *have* to work. Otherwise some fine print is required on the claim that MfE and ActiveSync support is present on all end-user facing documentation, specs, etc.

And again, thank you for opening this thread and involving yourself in the community!
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I think it’s very useful to have sync with Microsoft. Google it would be nice too. But what I don’t really understand is why don’t we have sync with ovi calendar and ovi mail?

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