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No hardware keyboard is a killer.
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Originally Posted by AndrewX192 View Post
No hardware keyboard is a killer.
I find that good hand writing recognition system is better than a hardware keyboard for general text input. Anyways so few phones have hardware keyboards even Nokia giving up on them.
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It's tempting me too, I can try to ignore the keyboard is missing but don't know if I can accept Android OS.

I would prefer to pay premium price for it if only they would release a MeeGo version at least. Sounds like a dream I know.
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Originally Posted by AndrewX192 View Post
No hardware keyboard is a killer.
But surely the screen is so big that a screen keyboard is not that bad? I despise typing on say, an iPhone screen, but have no problem at all with my HP Touchpad. This should be a pretty good compromise.
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rumoured here to be launching in S. Africa in November 2011:

"Samsung said that the Galaxy Note is scheduled to become available in South Africa in early November 2011. No recommended retail price (RRP) was available at the time of publication, but Samsung said they would communicate pricing information closer to launch"
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This thing could really make me move on. The hardware is so awesome I could really forget about the missing keyboard.
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The N9 is nice and all, but this one makes me think twice. Tungsten T3, Nokia N8000, and this one seems to be the perfect replacement. Perfect size, stylus, awesome screen, loads of battery. I remember thinking, years ago, that the T3 with phone functionality is what I want. And here it is ...

The only bad thing is Android, and a HW KB would be nice (but in this case the screen and stylus makes up for it - no kb, not Android)
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so its a resistive screen or is it a capacitive stylus?
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Capacitive sh*t stylus?
Resistive sh*t display?
Active-Digitizer combo?

I'm interested, could be my daily driver.
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Looks really nice, can the s-pen be included in the phone like the n900 or is this pen external only?

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