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Something's screwy with that repository....
"Remote end closed connection" errors in the app manager log.
Completely unable to install this.
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Does anyone have a recommended SIP provider other then ?

~~~~~~Ahhh I SEE!!! is GizmoProject......
Verizon Motorola Q
(BT to Q via PDANet)

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[QUOTE=DryLand404;60498]Does anyone have a recommended SIP provider other then sipphone. ..../QUOTE]

Try 'Internetcalls'.(Same organiztion as voipbuster but you also get a free** Incoming number):

Once you have installed the client on your PC, you can then grab the SIP details here to input into the nokia:

I was able to receive calls on my n800 using my free United Kingdom IN number by configuring the secondary account on the Gizmo logon screen. I was however not able to make outgoing calls. I am hoping that it was a Gizmo issue and am now looking forward to testing it out on this exciting new software once I manage to dowload it

EDIT - free**: I got my free UK number a while back. I have contacted Internetcalls to find out which countries have available numbers. Apparently you can only change your country of residence by reinstalling the software.

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Heh. For those of you looking for free calls to a lot of countries, get Truphone on a compatible Nokia phone (N80i/N95) and then open up a hex editor to look at the truphone.set file sent via SMS t get your account login details and you're all set to use a Truphone account for FREE calls (with free incoming number) to just about any landline/SIP number on the planet.
But the repository is STILL kicking my N800 out ("connection refused") when I try to install it via the application manager so I can't install this SIP VoIP goodness. Would have been nice to use my N800 as a VoIP phone here at home, but I guess I'll still have to use my N95 for that a little while longer.
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Wow...I am SO happy. I've been waiting ever since I bought the 770 to have a REAL SIP client. I could choke everyone who kept saying 'VOIP' when in fact it was only Google talk. So there was the Gizmo project. But in my opinion it still wasn't really VOIP.

So, now I have an N800. I got skype, but to me the same thing applied. I googled endlessly for SIP and N800 to no avail. And by chance I saw this tonight!

After a quick install, a reboot and its running. Breathlessly I type in my log in to my asterisk box. Then I wait to see the little dot go red showing a connection. It does. Then I head for the dial plan, tap in the digits and press call.....

And cell phone is ringing!! It works!! I have a real SIP client now! I cannot express how happy I am about this! Thank you to all the developers and whoever helped make this happen. I am SO looking foward to this in the next release. And if there's anything I can do to help please PM me or post here.

For those wondering I'm connecting to a asterisk box I built myself running asterisk 1.4 and piping out through a SIP trunk to the PSTN
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Wow. SIP at last. And with video support. Can't believe it - it's like christmas. (Well, most likely it *will* be christmas by then ...)

This could be the one reason that makes me want to buy a N800 even though its so "indoor" that I can't think of any practical use case so far... (Except, of course, they get SIP working in the hacker edition, too...)

Only thing is that they say about SIP that "Video is not interoperable with other implementations"; I'm not sure if this is due to the early stage of development or if it will stay this way, but it would certainly be a pity if I couldn't make, say, Ekiga to N800 video calls.

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Anyways, the reason that the installer wasn't working for me earlier was because I had installed the OpenHanded PIM suite which installs evolution-data-server, which is now deprecated for evolution-data-server-addressbook and other components.

So far, I've only discovered one major bug with the new rtcomm and have filed a bug report on it. If you've installed rtcomm 1.0.1, please try to reproduce it and leave a message on the bug whether you were able to or not.
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Nokia has since added a disclaimer on the rtcomm page pointing to bug 1667 saying it breaks the e-mail client, which isn't entirely true.
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Howdy Fellow Sippers!

anyone interested in trying a video SIP call between N800's...

my SIP name is studio37

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Whats SIP? And how its different than Google Talk videocall? Or skype (That doenst have N800 video yet).

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