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Originally Posted by zimon View Post
Or you can keep an unused condom under the Mugen cover so the smaller battery does not pop out.
i assume a used condom would not work as efficiently.....
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I like the spare battery solution myself. I keep two spares in my wallet, one of them the Mugen 1350mAh. I have to chargers at home that I got off eBay. I don't find that I forget batteries at home, and this way I always have a spare. There was one day when I went through all three batteries, but made it home before the third one gave out

And basically I don't notice the extra eight of two spare batteries in my wallet.

It has the additional advantage that I don't charge very often using the USB charger. There are threads about people experiencing the USB port popping out and other scary-sounding things like that. This way I am minimising wear on the USB port so touch wood I've reduced the chances of that heart-stopping thing happeneing.
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Originally Posted by darguzar View Post
Mugen N900 battery ...thickens my phone more 7mm
Gives a whole new meaning to "bricking your N900"
N900.... thick like computer
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I'm ordering today. like the little guy was not heavy and thick enough as it already is
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Originally Posted by oldpmaguy View Post
Gives a whole new meaning to "bricking your N900"
It's not that bad look to my battery mod thread

i will say that it is actually easier to write on the N900 with the mugen cover
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purchased says up to 3 weeks argg the wait
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I finally got my replacement battery (the one I got was faulty)..Here's my take on the Mugen Power Battery for the N900

Background Information on Phone usage:
  • Phone is overclocked to 700MHz
  • Phone set to 3G only
  • Connected to internet 24/7 with Skype, Gtalk and Push Email via Nokia Messaging always on
  • Multiple chats open, with several VOIP calls made
  • I also tweet using the tweego app

(basically I'm kinda of a heavy user, and coming from a Blackberry, I tend to IM alot. Also I do browsing with multiple browser open at a time. NOTE: I do not use the phone as a music player)

The phone would be disconnected from the charger 5minutes before leaving the house (around 9am). With the stock Nokia battery, I would have to set the phone to use GSM data and only switching to 3G when browsing the net, and the phone would show the low battery around 4 or 5pm.

Currently with the Mugen Battery, disconnecting the phone from the charger 5minutes before leaving the house, I could set the phone to 3G connection and the low battery warning would popup around 8pm. Heck I could even play Angry Birds with sounds on and not worry about the battery

Overall, I must say that I am happy with the Battery. It definitely give you more time to use the phone for other stuff like IMs, browsing the web, VoIP, etc.

The size of the battery with the case makes it quite nice to type with the qwerty keyboard. If you have the otterbox case, its not much of a difference in size between the two.

I could do more testing if you guys need me to on top of the crazy amount of IMs I do on this phone and let you know how long the battery last me for

Edit: I added some more things I do with the phone on a daily basis. man my N900 is taking a beating isn't it? Also added the fact that the phone is overclocked (almost forgot that)

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even more usage try the dual japod option and get 12%+ more usage time out of your N900 being that it is 2700mAh+ vs 2400mAh

oh and also cheaper , and since you got a replacement, apparently more stable......
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lol well im not looking into modding at the this battery would do fine at the moment
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Hey what's up...
How i every one...

I am really happy that people care about their devices and their involvement in daily life...

well now after viewing all these posts i have decided to order a mugen battery after all...

but i have one more thing.... since i am planning to get alienware laptop (not trying to show off... )

i have heard just like this N900 those thing are battery suckers too... so i am also goin to get the Energi XP18000 cause i guess this is the most powerfull battery in the market yet...

so with that i will be able to charge my laptop as well as my n900... secondly i saw a few other batteries that are solar and more powerful but they are china made and... u know...

the good thing about Energizer Energi XP18000 is that u are paying good so u are getting good services.. 3 years of warrenty...
and as we know pretty much energizer is every where...

so that's that ifany one finds a more powerful portable power pack than the Energi please post a link...

Thanks Take Care of your self and your N900

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