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Posts: 90 | Thanked: 32 times | Joined on Sep 2006 @ Bucuresti, Romania
I got a problem with osso-gpsd (0.8) that is supplied on OS2007 HE. GPSD would crash with Illegal instruction on launching, making impossible to use the maemo-mapper-2.2.

I recompiled for OS2007 the osso-gpsd-1.0_23 that comes with OS2008 (after a bit of modification in order to compile with libdbus-1-2 instead of libdbus-1-3 in OS2008), installed it, it works ok. The package is available here:

Hope this helps other OS2007HE users.
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Thanks, I'd had problems with gpsd in another use. Hopefully this will fix it.
Posts: 14 | Thanked: 1 time | Joined on Jan 2006 @ Hamburg, Germany
I have the same problem, but I canīt install the new gpsd

---> its not compatible with my installed OS2007HE
Posts: 18 | Thanked: 6 times | Joined on Apr 2008 @ France
I'd like to get this file but an authentification is required !

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