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Anyone else running kismet on their N800 and have a flawless install ?

My current setup seems to be timming out (power saving maybe?) no matter if im driving or just sitting at home and letting the device sit and scan it dies approx 2~3mins after the app is started, which then it can be exited and restarted no issues and same result will happen

First i thought it was overflowing or locking due to too many networks detected but thats not the case as tested in stationary location and it does the above

only thing installed at this time is new OS update 2.2ish and color_xterm, kismet and libpcap
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You are getting some message about "saving files," right? I think Kismet is unable to keep the power management from rearing its "nanny knows best" head. I find that if I tap the screen frequently, it never does this. I really wish Nokia had provided real, granular power management options on both the N800 and N770. It has kept me from using them in a number of commercial applications. Next to the god-awful email client, the lack of control over basic functions like power management is one of the worst aspects of the Nokia Internet Tablets, imo.
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My issues with Kismet on my N800 is it often just stops scanning for networks. You can tell this when the timer stops.

My other issue is it frequently corrupts and destroys all data on the memory card it puts it's log files on. This seems to happen often when it stops scanning, but I haven't done a lot of testing as I am not a developer and I don't like my memory card being corrupted.

Kismet is an awesome program tough and I hope it gets sorted out soon.
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Well after playing around some more it's gotta be something else/more then just the timer had kismet in backround while playing with config menus and it still died (touching the screen easy every 10secs)

Nothing related to setup (.conf) since i've played with that, anyone have this same issue on N770 ??
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Im getting a "WLAN left in an unknown state" something after having briefly run 'kismet' without any other isses really. The WLAN adapter end up not accessible anymore, but requires a reboot of the tablet in order to be able to get online again. Someone confirm?
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Kismet has always behaved that way. Confirmed.
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Yea thats normal you can run kismet again with no worries, but your N800 wont see Wlan0 till you reboot, thats no biggy (cause it even happens on some PC's)

Can try the wireless networking tools (i havent installed them yet) see if it has iw or if up/down in there and try that, i just do REBOOT from root shell to reset the unit if need be

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Hi All,

I've installed Kismet without any issues. However, since I'm new to this, I only managed to get it to run, sort accordingly and that's about it. It does seem to be able to capture IPs or tell me more info when I hit the 'c' command. I thought it was supposed to give info on the clients attached to a particular network? Is there some configuration I need to do first? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Hi All,

After trying Kismet again, I notice that for me, the software counter keeps running, but it doesn't scan for any networks after about 10-20 secs. It just stops scanning but the software is still running and I can use the commands etc (ie. it didn't hang). Any reason why and how can I fix this?

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This is a known issue with Kismet on the latest OS 2007 firmware (release 3). I know of no fix thus far.

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