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Can anybody confirm my doubt about the originality of Nokia spares ?
I happened to see this information:

Replacement Parts- Nokia provides parts to Authorized Service Centers
. Please visit your local Nokia Authorized Service Center for
replacement parts and service. Using parts and repair services from
unauthorized service centers may void the warranty on your Nokia
Source :

If that information is true, then, that means whatever we get in ebay & other stores is questionable!..of course with the exception of salvaging some part from a problematic but genuine product.

I wish I could find Nokia's terms and conditions document regarding replacements and spares...
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sorry about reviving such an old thread. I wanted to ask that anyone here bought any N900 spare parts from AliExpress ? Im thinking of buying a keyboard for my beast.

The reason i want to buy a keyboard is because my N900's keyboard are a bit hard to press now.

This is the keyboard which i want to buy

Buying from ebay or amazon isn't an option as they don't ship to my country.
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If I manage to bring back one of my two N900s to life (USB port saga), then I'll give you my spare keyboard. It's the US/UK English version. I am in Australia

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