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My N900 is over 2 years old now and I still love it. My plan is to use it until it dies on me or something as open with a keyboard comes to the market. I've taken really good care of it. I've dropped it only a few feet at most once or twice. I took really good care of it. The keyboard slides out perfectly. The USB port is still working without faults. My question is this: suppose I continue to always take care of it like my baby How long can it continue working? at some point all technology just gives out doesn't it ?

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If You're going to solder USB port (before it fell apart), + You're not writing too much to eMMC (flash absolute amount of write cycles), changing kernels many times a day via multiboot, using swap on external microSD (again absolute limit of flash write cycles), I don't see reasons why it shouldn't last for, lets say, 15 years or more

Of course, it depends on components and "luck"...

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I took care of mine really well as well, but after about 18 months or so, the cell signal started to get erratic and within a week stopped working altogether. Right before it started, it had a small drop on some carpet that I didn't think was a big deal.

Afterwards, I did some searching on the forums and found lots of people had similar cell signal issues many of which didn't sounds like they had any explanations. I got the impression that it seemed to happen to quite a few folks around the 18 month range, and it's one of the reasons why I'm hesitating buying a replacement.

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i guess this might answer your question

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its my Nokia 7710, bought in june 2005, i dont remember that i ever dropped it,just replaced its battery last years.. its almost 6 to 7 years & you can see hw it is.. and i still use it for browsing(opera mini) music, call sometimes, movies(TCPMP) & picodrive

so i dont think their is n age of technology.. as long as you take care of it & keep using it..

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i was wandering the same thing after looking after mine with 3 weeks of warranty left i put it in for repair for small issue and nokia gave me a brand new one,i think i can get another 2 years out of this n900.what is out there to change it for? lumia looks good no keyboard.
to some degree you will be testing lifespan of n900 but although nokia may not be cool they are bulletproof.

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I am still using daily my 9500 with the a bb application

also from 2005 and it has more than 1642 h phone calls...

I changed 3 times all its case and 5 batteries

1 broken display that I changed including the flex.

the hardware still rocks.



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I used my nokia6600 for 8 years now i am enjoying n900 for last two yearsamwill take care of it unless it dies.

Hope we can run it for at least 5-7 years.
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Any value given will have a huge variance. Everything depends on individual component with tiny differences and the combination of whole package. I'd guess, that 95-98% of devices has lifespan of at least 2 years when not taking account mechanical failures such as usb port.
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Following up on this, any place where one can find genuine replacement parts:
- battery compartment cover
- bottom case
- upper case
- front bezel
- small cover around keyboard

other than eBay? It's a bit pricey to pay upwards to 80EUR for a complete replacement shell... and i've got a "rare" (in Germany at least) 002 US QWERTY HW 2101 N900 that some day should be put in a new dress...

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my 7650 from 2003 (soon nine years and counting...) still works.
a few highlights...
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  • first Nokia with built-in camera
  • The handset's release was promoted in conjunction with the film Minority Report.
  • it was also featured in Tom Raider 2...
i don't use it actively anymore (headset connector doesn't work properly (design fault) and is very heavy for the features it has)

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