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Originally Posted by freemangordon View Post
Oh, you got me wrong - I have another n900, new, which I use for development from time to time and it will become my primary when the one I am using now dies. The point was that my first n900 is still alive and well and used in "production"
Indeed I misunderstood - you're sorted then

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Originally Posted by peterleinchen View Post
For me the lilfetime of my N900s was around two to three years.
I agree, about 2 to 3 years. My 4th N900 died this week.
And I can no longer find an original model in good condition. Since the massive deployment of 4G this year, I have more and more network problems, It is sadly time for me to switch to another model. Under Sailfish OS maybe? A little off topic, sorry!
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I have mine since 2012, still working,never flashed, no problem with usb, just got minor wear and it could last ages. Just need a new battery as now it last a day with normal use while it used to last at least 4 days.

and that is my first only n900 btw!
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I got one in 2011 that I still use daily, although not for phone calls. I have one functional spare. At one time or another I've had five n900s, and I've never had one die or become hopelessly bricked. I wish I had kept the one I purchased in 2009 - I gave that one (and one other) away.

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As for me I've purchased one on 2010 and stood with me for almost three & half year with excessive use and few drops and one battery change. I had to give it a way cause of some problems. Before three Months I searched again and bought a second hand good condition one and am using it as a private phone not main phone and am happy with it with a lot of MODS.

Nokia really knows how to maintain customers and keep a good condition cell phones..

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I got mine in 2011 i guess in September. And i used for around 3 years as my daily device. Its still working great without any problem. Although i have repaired its usb port 3 or 4 times.

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