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Tried to prep 2.94 for the repos at the weekend. Build is fine but testing raised an issue. Downloading cache works fine but actual programs fails due to a pid metadata issue. A bit of experimenting has led me to believe I need to finally sort the XML::Simple issue.

I've built libxml-namespace-perl, libxml-sax-perl and libxml-simple-perl and some initial testing looks promising. I'm debating whether to submit libxml-parser-perl to extras as well to make use of libxml-sax-expat-perl. I can go without but it may lead to issues for anyone else using packages later.

Secondly we have perl 5.8.3 but get_iplayer states 5.8.8+. it has continued to work for us for a while but for how long I don't know. There is another version of perl in repo but it will mean pulling in libgcc1 4.6 for those not on thumb.

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Any news on this; it'd be great to have it working again...
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