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These days more of what I have to say about the Nokia Internet Tablet gets said via Twitter than at Internet Tablet Talk (and

A blog post usually takes me a couple hours to create, from working out what I have to say to cleaning up the version transmigrated to the forums. A bit less when I don't make a graphic too. Being shorter — under 25 words — tweets take me only 5 to 15 minutes to compose.

No room for folderol (even though that's my specialty as a blogger). No visuals expected. One link per item not only suffices but pressures you to say less; two links I've never done.

And with my hummingbird attention span, I finish a tweet and soon I'm on to the next think. But I have a couple dozen more-or-less-completed blogs that were never posted for want of the final . . . polish I'm inclined to say, but really it's more a final galvanizing-to-life. A lot of work for no result.

There's another reason, which relates to something Krisse posted recently. The world at large is unaware of the NIT's sterling features, and just explaining what they are serves a real use. But the proportion of NIT owners who are developers is so great that the message is distorted in our forums. It's like Oxford or Stony Brook — all university, no kindergarten.

So this thought leads me to two others. Is there any practical way for to stream Internet Tablet-related tweets along with its other NIT/mameo coverage? (And any desire for people to see it here?) I leave this to the community at large to discuss because I won't be writing a blog post about it.

I will, however, be writing about whether Twitter might not be the real internet app that the Internet Tablet was made for. The next one, anyway, the one that fits in your pocket, has a keyboard and 800-pixel-wide screen, and connects to the internet wherever you happen to walking around. Instead of today's thought ("How might benefit from Twitter"), maybe the essential issue is how might the Internet Tablet benefit Twitter users.


Twittery graphic from Ryan Putnam at Thanks!
View this post at itT.

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I think twitter can generates RSS feeds of live searches. I would recommend using hashtags in the tweets as well...

In my opinion handles this sort of thing better with it's groups
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There's something out there that can aggregate several of your tweets into a single post. livejournal is a blogging/social media site vaguely like facebook but without the apps. The livejournal post could then be aggregated by planet Maemo. Would anyone find this interesting?
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Originally Posted by RogerS View Post
Is there any practical way for to stream Internet Tablet-related tweets along with its other NIT/mameo coverage?
Yes, we could quite easily syndicate the #maemo tweet search RSS into the system, alongside with the corresponding Qaiku channel.

Technically this is easy to do. So please add it to backlog, and I can handle it next sprint.

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You can also use the api, and like i do in php to display my tweet on my web site :

// Modified by Khertan
// Example: Get a single tweet.
//$status = getTwitterStatus("manas");
//echo($status[0]['message'] . ' - ' . $status[0]['time']);

// Example: Get multiple tweets.
//$statuses = getTwitterStatus("manas", 100);
//foreach ($statuses as $status) {
// echo($status['message'] . ' - ' . $status['time']);

function curl_get_file_contents($URL)
        $c = curl_init();
        curl_setopt($c, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
        curl_setopt($c, CURLOPT_URL, $URL);
        $contents = curl_exec($c);

        if ($contents) return $contents;
            else return FALSE;

function loadTwitterStatus($twitterUser,$limit){
        $status = '';

        $life = (time() - filectime($twitterUser.'.tweets'));
        if($life < (10*60) and $life > 0)
            $statuses = unserialize((file_get_contents($twitterUser.'.tweets')));
            $index = 1;
            foreach ($statuses as $tweet) {
              $status = $status . '<p>'.$tweet['message'].'</p><p class="date">'. $tweet['time'] . '</p>';
              if (($limit>0) and ($limit<$index))
          $statuses = getTwitterStatus($twitterUser);
          if (count($statuses)==0){
            $statuses = unserialize((file_get_contents($twitterUser.'.tweets')));}
            $index = 1;
            foreach ($statuses as $tweet) {
              $status = $status . '<p>'.$tweet['message'].'</p><p class="date">'. $tweet['time'] . '</p>';
              if (($limit>0) and ($limit<$index))
            if ($index>1)

        return $status;

* A simple Twitter status display script.
* Useful as a status badge for JavaScript non-compliant browsers, where the
* insertion of the status message must be performed on the server.
* @author Manas Tungare,
* @version 1.1
* @copyright Manas Tungare, 2007 - 2009 and onwards.
* @license Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0.

function getTwitterStatus($twitterUser) {
 $url = sprintf("", $twitterUser);
 $tweets = array();
 if (true == ($str=curl_get_file_contents($url)))
 $parsed = new SimpleXMLElement($str);
 foreach($parsed->status as $status) {
   $message = preg_replace("/http:\/\/(.*?)\/[^ ]*/", '<a href="\\0">\\0</a>',$status->text);
   $time = niceTime(strtotime(str_replace("+0000", "", $status->created_at)));
   $tweets[] = array('message' => $message, 'time' => $time);
 }catch (Exception $e){;}}

 return $tweets;

* Formats a timestamp nicely with an adaptive "x units of time ago" message.
* Based on the original Twitter JavaScript badge. Only handles past dates.
* @return string Nicely-formatted message for the timestamp.
* @param $time Output of strtotime() on your choice of timestamp.
function niceTime($time) {
 $delta = time() - $time;
 if ($delta < 60) {
   return 'less than a minute ago.';
 } else if ($delta < 120) {
   return 'about a minute ago.';
 } else if ($delta < (45 * 60)) {
   return floor($delta / 60) . ' minutes ago.';
 } else if ($delta < (90 * 60)) {
   return 'about an hour ago.';
 } else if ($delta < (24 * 60 * 60)) {
   return 'about ' . floor($delta / 3600) . ' hours ago.';
 } else if ($delta < (48 * 60 * 60)) {
   return '1 day ago.';
 } else {
   return floor($delta / 86400) . ' days ago.';

<? $statuses = loadTwitterStatus("khertan",-1);
echo $statuses;?>

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