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Last summer my N810 was stolen during a library visit. Since I praised Nokia when it first released the Internet Tablet for ruthlessly paring away the inessentials -- the 770's absence of a phone, hard drive and keyboard stunned most mobile-device observers -- I didn't replace it, but instead relied solely on my N800's* for my tablet needs.

Besides I already had a Bluetooth keyboard and GPS. I didn't have to have the newer Internet Tablet if I wanted those features.

Then last Thursday, I ordered an N810 from, paying $227.86** for the little treasure that arrived this morning. (It's sitting next to me on the computer desk, charging now.)


I've been pondering that. Maybe subconsciously I think I'll use the built-in GPS (even though I rarely use the external GPS I own). I don't really type faster with the N810's slide-out keyboard, though I know having it simplifies using some programs. Does losing display real estate to an on-screen keyboard interfere with my thinking processes more than I've been aware? Could be. I know that my tap-drags to get an upper-case letter succeeds only about 60-80 percent of the time, so entering some characters is way slower than is good***.

And, trivial as they may seem, I know I've missed the screen-lock button and the cover-that-doesn't-fall-off.

These are little things, and I'm struggling to find any bigger reasons for using an N810 instead of an N800. OK, "little things mean a lot," but two hundred-plus dollars' worth?

Still, I'm content with my purchase. Something in me knows this is a good deal, even if I can't consciously say why. Even though logic says to preserve my cash for some forthcoming, more dazzling new tablet. Not sure why, but definitely sure it's a good thing.

Like I said, I'm content. And that's a good measure.

* Um, yes, I've acquired three used N800's, intending to gift them to family in California, Texas and Georgia, but I'm like Scrooge McDuck in his private vault when I'm cooing over my tablets and I can't seem to let them go . . .

** Including taxes, shipping and handling

*** Years ago, IBM released a study showing that any interruption in typing that was longer than a tenth of a second drastically reduced your efficiency.
Read the full article.

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I think you're only paying for a nicer design. The N800 has (in my opinion) the horrible 2006 N series grey plastic, which is the only thing I don't like about it. Other than that, I way prefer having the dual SD slots, and USB B Mini is much more widely supported than B Micro. If I forget my own cable, I can nearly always find someone around who has one.

Anyway, Nokia wanted to make a new device (the N810) that didn't make the N800 obselete, meaning the N810 would be very similar from the start. You're paying so much simply because it's new. It's the same with practically all technology.
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Originally Posted by RogerS View Post
tap-drags to get an upper-case letter succeeds only about 60-80 percent of the time
Ah yes, I notice this too. One of my previous handhelds is a Dell Axim with PocketPC (Windows Mobile) and I was glad to see the on-screen keyboard on my N810 (I use the on-screen keyboard sometimes) used the same tap-and-drag method to delete, space, return, and caps, but it isn't very reliable, especially the caps.
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Originally Posted by Cadabena View Post
I way prefer having the dual SD slots, and USB B Mini is much more widely supported than B Micro.
See, this is what I'm talking about.

As far as features go, the N810's keyboard and GPS aren't big for me, and the N800's dual slots and rotatible webcam provide specific flexibility that I want. Rationally, I choose the N800 every time.

I guess if there's something subliminal going on, maybe the design ethos is more important than I've ever acknowledged . . .
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I just replaced my N800 with a N810. I think it's the size. It's just a little bit smaller in all areas; but it fits in my hands and pockets so much better. Plus the thumb typing position is much better.
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While I completely agree with all the N800 VS N810 advocacy of 2 full SD slots instead of the one goofy mini, the useless GPS of the N810, and the debate over the keyboard (again biggest point here as mentioned is that on the N810 it doesn't occupy screen space, which at the end of the day for me does make a big difference), I think the real drawing point for me for the 810 would be the screen. Yea, the USB connector is more of a pain, but I can live with that mini-micro adapter cable that fits in my pocket. The SD card thing is a pain, but it depends where I am and what I'm doing. The webcam thing is terrible, I completely agree on that point... as one of the most awesomely defining things about my N800 is making a video call and turning the camera around to show people where I am or what's happening. But with all those things... not being able to see my N800 in daylight is a real pain... is it worth the trade off for everything else at the original $400-$500 price tag.. heck no... but when you're talking $200 range, it's a lot easier to justify. I think the big point here is to remember that for a lot of people the N810 isn't a replacement for the N800... it's just a second tablet for a different purpose. From Nokia's point of view it never was a replacement... I seriously doubt the marketing guys were all sitting there saying "Everyone who bought an N800 will now toss it out and buy an N810 instead!"... it was more just a way of continuing the same product line while trying out a new feature set.
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Feel no buyer's remorse, RogerS, you made a good choice in acquiring another N810. I also had my N810 disappear last summer - only it was due to my own personal spaciness. I forget it on an airplane, and of course, it never made it to Northwest Airlines' lost-and-found. Well, because of all the hoopla about those little netbooks, I decided to score an Asus Eee PC as a replacement (I'm easily influenced by consumer electronics hysteria). And I gotta say, I really dig the Asus Eee. I bought a barely used one for around $200 on eBay - upgraded the RAM to 2g and use Ubuntu for the OS - very slick little thing.

But ya know, I really miss my N810. Although small, the Asus Eee still feels like a laptop. Yes, I've also got an N800 and a 770 which I use all the time for accessing the Web in strange places (e.g., lounging in the back yard, bed, sofa, etc.) But with the N810, you really get the sense that Nokia finally got the design right - that Nokia finally achieved product excellence with its "release early, release often" hardware philosophy. Right size, better display, storage, and hardware keyboard. (But I could never get the N810's f%$$@! GPS to work!!) And OS 2008 is way better than the early IT OSes. But for all the iphone hype and Apple brand cultism, I think Nokia would have greater market share with the N810 in the mobile device market (although, arguably, they're very different devices). Anyway, enough rambling. I'm glad you feel content about buying another N810 - you should! And given all the coin I've dropped for gadgets over the years, the price you got it for is a steal. You've inspired me to consider getting another - maybe if I get a big enough tax refund . . . .
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770 is best.

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I've been considering getting an N810 for the nicer screen... Roger, are you sure that didn't play into your desire for a new N810 at all?

I think I could deal with not having full size SD cards at times in exchange for the ability to read the screen in sunlight when I brought the N810 along.

Anyone else think it's worth it?

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