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Curious question...

If anybody holds Meltemi-OS powered device in their hands... Wouldn't it be possible to request source code for open-source parts of Meltemi from Nokia-or-Microsoft? And maybe, in far away future, reverse-engineer the closed blobs?
Yes, fairly possible except for the fact that the devices were not really ever released to public, never ever sold anywhere.
I am not sure if GPL is valid in a case where you got hold of a development device.

Thee are 2 alternatives that could happen if you contact on the matter;
either they may actually send you the open-source parts on a DVD or more likely they'll demand that you return the prototype to them.

Originally Posted by Wikiwide View Post
Since Meltemi OS was intended as replacement for Series 40... How close are Meltemi prototypes to Nokia Asha phones?
I'd imagine the HW on Meltemi is somewhat better, probably there's more core memory but CPU-wise they might be similar.

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Future Discussion:
1) Nokia RM-784/RM-792 PROTO B1 HWiD 0102 [Meltemi OS] [UnReleased] (Possibly Meltemi FW Files (!)
2) Nokia RM-784/RM-792 PROTO B2.4 HWiD 0240 [Meltemi OS] [UnReleased].
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