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I'm just bumping this topic and re-titling it because it took me a long time to find additions to the Internet Search applet, and I think other people will be glad to stumble upon these. It's great to have eBay, Amazon (etc.) searches in the applet since their home pages are so large, and with the applet you can skip them.

Thanks very much, twaelti or tomch!

Originally Posted by twaelti View Post
I've configured a "tabletSearch" using the Google Custom Search Engine similar to the post above. However, it not only includes ITT, but also and a few additional relevant sites. ...

You can download the plugin (plus additional ones for Amazon, Ebay, Google Maps and the Internet Movie Database) from my new webpage about the Maemo Internet Search (MIS) plugins.
The above is from this thread. Also relevant, but less useful, is this one. And there is useful stuff scattered through here, including isearch. Someone (jswnerd) made an addition for Skweezer, but I couldn't get it to work.

Also, there is an application for making maemo Internet Search additions, called isearch-edit, available through the repositories. The application installs cleanly as a deb and seems excellent. I couldn't figure out the syntax, but I don't know html nor linux, so I wasn't able to use it successfully.

If anyone has more search additions, especially if they are one-click installs like those of tomch (twaelti), I think this is a good thread for them.
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The easiest way is to do a custom search directly through the browser location window, such as typing "g cats" to search for cats on google. This thread explains how to set this up.

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