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Originally Posted by jalyst View Post
Be interesting to see how sophisticated it is compared to Win10 for Mobile, I doubt it'll be as far advanced (despite claiming the mantra of "coming up with the idea before MS"), but time will tell.
Given the resource disparities, I think you right in your doubts.

You sound ever so jaundiced with the bit about "claiming the mantra"...
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Originally Posted by Dave999 View Post
Will windows 10 enable desktop experience to phones like surface pro?
Lots of articles here...

Originally Posted by handaxe View Post
You sound ever so jaundiced with the bit about "claiming the mantra"...
Jaundiced: bitterness, resentment, or envy. Nope, that wouldn't really be right at all.
No hostility meant, it's a feeble point though, & sadly it gets constantly bandied about as if it means something.
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How to connect mouse, external screen and keyboard? ubuntu Phone on sale next week...not a major upgrade but still... Slightly bigger screen.
Do something for the climate today! Anything!

I don't trust poeple without a Nokia n900...I'm also supporting Apple 2016 or until Jolla fully refund or ship the jPad to all backers and supports!

"waited over a year for no tablet – and then the same again for potential refund? inspires confidence!"

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So, In my infinite madness for all things unusual, I picked up a BQ Aquaris last week.
After tinkering with it for a while, I'm not greatly impressed by the quirky way things work.
Not happy about the way the weather scope takes up the whole screen. I like the Sailfish way of doing it, a small cover/widget would have been much better, so you could have the clock, weather and other apps displayed and see them all. Instead the apps are minimised to some sort of "Coverflow" thing so you can only see half of each at any one time.
Doesn't seem there was any effort behind it to make it intuitive.
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I figured out that you get used to the scopes after a while- it's a complete different UI approach and it takes time to see some advantages but it's far from intuitive

Well ubports picked up the development now and it seems they are going to ditch the scopes and take a different approach for the UI but they are still in the process of discussing this with the community

Btw for future releases of the OS the E4.5 is not qualified as there are no drivers available, so if you want to keep an eye on UT you should go with a nexus 5 or a Fairphone ...

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I gave UT the old college try on a Nexus 7, but UT was more of a bodged Ubuntu flavor UI running on hacked Android-Linux than what I was hoping for, the well known Ubuntu flavored Debian. And I didn't even get the benefit of being able to run the healthy and growing selection of FOSS APKs from fdroid repos, nor the rich ARM Ubuntu and/or Debian repos.
Maybe if bodging together an app were as easy as on the N900 it would have worked better, but most of us love the Maemo/Meego phones because it used our familiar os and tools. They could also release a FOSS releas of a cross compatible win98, it doesn't mean we should all flock over form a great OS which we already know. Problem is you apparently need a megacorp like Nokia or Sharp to even get bin drivers for hardware like phones and PDAs, and forget open source drivers or even the specs to write our own so that every dork from Amiga to BeOS, even a homebrew IBM 360OS couldport for the hardware.

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