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Recently got my wife a T-Mobile G2, running vanilla Android 2.2 (Froyo). Very nice piece of hardware...but to stay on topic, which is the OS...

In almost every way the Maemo 5 UI just kills Android. Maemo looks better, is easier to use, better organized, etc. And Maemo is so much more powerful! Playing with her G2 just made me more certain I made the right move getting away from Android. It's fine for her, but not for me.

Really nothing in Android 2.2 I wish I had with one exception - the standard Android Gallery app. Simple yet slick. Much better than the clunky image browser in Maemo 5.
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this may sound rude but its not meant to be, but joining an android forum and asking them what they like about android might give you more and better info on the subject, then weighing the pros and cons against this thread when its had a few more replys, thats what i would do, i know my mates desire is a hell of a lot snappier than my n900 running nitdroid, but thats about all i know about android!
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Originally Posted by bills2north View Post
Android os -good or not- is used by more than one phone maker. That's called good marketing.

In the pub a lady says to me,"What's that phone?". I answer,"It's the nokia n900. The iphone killer from last year.". Lady,"Never heard of it.". Me,"Never will."

btw, I'll have what acou's having
its totally self destructive but i kinda like that the n900 a maemo is fairly niche, and we are comparing very different devices.

in answer to the thread:

The cutest logo ever (if a little 'inspired' .. )

damn acou is totally hogging it all strike now jack!
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Originally Posted by gerdich View Post

Nokia doesn't know how to sell this wonderful product.

And Nokia doesn't know how important it is to keep in touch with n900 users.

One thing I'm missing very hard is a compass for augmented reality apps.

A solution could be a device like "liveview" from Sony and Ericsson.
Such a device could integrate other sensors like a compass a temperature sensor and an altimeter a pulse sensor ... .
yeah, without a compass n900 navigation/augmented reality will never get far. definitely what I miss the most.

beyond that, I miss the thousands of little things that go with having a big userbase, like lots of locally-geared apps for navigating public transportation (eg onebusaway in Seattle), silly museum/city guides, random coupon apps. oh and also apps put out by companies like zipcar etc that cant be imitated without official support.
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Integrated spellcheck is missing..... No idea why not.

Decent social media client would be appreciated too.
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To be honest, for me (I deal with a LOT of new phones on a daily basis), the N900 is the best phone out there, and Maemo is the BEST OS out there (as of today). Hardware wise, and YES software wise as well. Android (for me at least) = headache.
I deal with the NEWEST android phones on a daily basis (I was working with the Vibrant today), and everytime I try to do something a little geeky if you will, kind of like what I LOVE TO DO on my N900, The FC's start showing up. To me, that means the OS sucks. As far as the hardware, there is absolutely nothing that android phones have the ability to do that the N900 can not do. (And yes, I challenge anybody withi is). Finally, I love the N900, and nobody has been able to produce such a great phone but Nokia, not even CLOSE that fruit company. Anyways, to answer the original question, really it should be the other way around. What are the android phones missing to be nearly as good as the N900. Answer: A LOTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Sure Nokia doesnt know how to sell this amazing phone, but why do we care? See, the iphone garbage is so popular out there, that people are starting to fear installing an app because some person might have decided to throw a little virus in it, or a glitch that can brick the phone. Oh and dont get me started on the hardware in the Iphone. Sorry to get off topic, long live the N900

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Most people missed Google map above probably haven't tried GeePS or mappero. Even the commercial application Sygic mobile maps works like charm in where I live. I think you should really try them to see if you think you missed Android's Google map.

Anyway, one thing I really missed is Layer. I think very few people have been trying it but once you do, you know it's one of the most awesome app in mobile. (ok Sygic Mobile Maps has similar feature but not as attractive in use)

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The iPhone crowd thinks they have the Messiah on their side.

The Android crowd thinks they need to oppose the false prophet that the iPhone crowd is following.

The maemo crowd thinks they're the Messiah themselves.
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app market and flash 10.
when i say app market i suppose i mean the ui more than anything.....

more than happy with email. i've got several accounts and it's nice to have them all rolled into one.....
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I can say what Android is missing and always will

Ad-free apps Seriously guys I was playing with HTC Desire the other day and I was shocked by how much ads they have in free apps. Its like browsing a website without AdBlock

Open source FTW
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