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As many people pointed out, the original Open Pandora shared similar hardware&system with our N900.

N900 omap3430 Cortex-a8 500Mhz 256mb RAM sgx530 GPU(Maemo-Debian based)
Open Pandora omap3530 Cortex-a8 600Mhz 256mb sgx530 GPU(Ubuntu)

I just saw Homeworld, Diablo II, Half-Life 1 running on Open Pandora(local apps not streaming) on youtube(pretty old videos actually, my ignorance). Truely amazing. Is there any possibility our N900 could have the same ? How much is the difficulty if someone port it to Maemo5 ?

Request for help as a total Newbie here. Glad to hear from you guys.

Open Pandora


Diablo II(a bit like Exagear Strategies on Android)

Half-Life 1
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