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Hi there all, I'm having strange problem with my n900's BME. Today I ripped charger cable from device with my leg. The usb and cable are still ok, but BME started to do some ugly things.

First It charges the phone for 6 hours showing that battery have 66%, then sudenlly showing 85% and green diod indicator was shown. I disconnected it and it just dropped to 0% and turned the phone off.

I checked battery with different n900, it is fully charged. So I put it again into unhappy n900 to boot up and see, huh? 66%, After few minutes it rises to 83% again and stayed there for few hours to again suddenly drop to 0%. This time battery was at around 30% with second n900.

Different battery in unhappy n900 doesnt change a thing the BME still acting crazy in many ways, showing conflicting information after another. Dveice shows low battery while I was using pidgin. I did nothing but started concy and suddenly it charged itself to 52%. History is even more twisted with charger connected, but it is to much to describe.

So the problem is with software I think I would like to confirm it with bq27x00_battery module but I cannot find a way how to install/load this module. Is there a download available somewere? Can somebody walk me through the process and tell how to retrieve information from it?

I remember using this module sometime ago, but I dont remember how I installed it. To be honest I didnt even know that I had it but script from maemo wiki to underclock the CPU after threshold is read was working all the way down. I do still have this n900 with same setup but it stayed at home, over 1200 kilometers from my current location.

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