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Originally Posted by bill_klpd View Post
My n900's usb broke fully, so I chose the samsung galaxy s3 and then I flashed it with cyanogenmod 11!

By the way Dave thanks for these helpful informations

Likewise straight to S3, flashed CM 11. Does all I need, although I probably don't know what I am missing out on.

Even after 1-2 years and multiple keyboards on the S3, still find I am prone to multiple errors when typing...

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2 weeks on a z3 compact and so far loving it. N900 switched off in a drawer.....
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anyone tried a Nokia XL running sailfish?

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My N900, purchased in early 2014, is sadly lying on the desk, waiting for a new touchscreen (and reinstalling all the software as well - I messed it by restoring backup in desperate hope that touchscreen problem was software-related and eventually had to reflash stock image). N900 is the first smartphone that I really liked, and everything else is total crap - for my usage scenario, of course.

Anyway, I ordered a Motorola Droid 4 a couple hours before the touchscreen, and it was delivered today. I really like the keyboard and appreciate HDMI-out and the possibility to use Lapdocks. Storage - a year ago I'd say it was a dealbreaker but now 128GB microSDs are quite affordable, so it's OK. Audio quality seems somewhat worse than N900 with beats - maybe I'm just idealizing N900 since I haven't used it for a whole month, and forgot how it sounds. Screen is... bigger and not transreflective, that's for sure. Too bright in the dark on lowest setting vs N900 with custom brightness, so I applied EasyEyez filter. Again, the keyboard is something fantastic.

Android now... As is (the device came with latest official build 4.1.2 Android & webtop 3.0) it's snappy and nice, and I don't need much customization of it. Finding a good app for the purpose is like searching diamond ring in a thrashcan - there is ****load of crappy unstable ad-filled software, and most reviews are obviously paid for thus don't help at all. I used a couple touchscreen-only Android phones for ~ a month as temporary replacements - and It was very frustrating experience, especially typing. I definitely recommend Perfect viewer for comics/pdf & VLC player for videos.

Why didn't I get another N900? Well, I wanted something new and really like the lapdock idea, it's kinda my vision of future technology come true, wish N900/Neo900 were capable of it. Also, Droid 4 costs ~ half the N900 price on eBay ($45 for the phone + $22 for shipping in my case)... through where I am currently located, they sell N900s for $50 and even less, and don't sell Droids at all.

What next? Well, I'm probably gonna get a Lapdock. =) And of course fix the N900 once the replacement touchscreen arrives, and get rid of all the phones that lack qwerty keyboard. =) Am I going to jump off Maemo ship? Probably not. N900 still has its uses, and it's really great community here. But so far Droid 4 is absolutely what I expected from it, and if Lapdock experience is as good as described, it will remain my main phone even after N900 is fixed.

Little update: just had to root the device to remap its' keyboard a bit, hope that'd be the only mod I need. =)

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I tried to jump ship to Android (2.2) but found it very infantile and weird. The Samsung EPIC was the device I wanted but it was CDMA only, so instead I trietried the Desire Z.

Crappy phone to say the least, at least when compared to the iPhone 4 and N900.

The device that mmade me jump ship was OG NOTE.
The hardware had caught up and the software too (4.0.3).

From that point, there hasn't been much innovation in the industry.

Jolla has a great idea with OtherHalf, but bad implementation.
RIM has great OS, but bad UX (and not open).
Samsung/LG/HTC/Moto has gotten dull.
Apple just works (expensively).
SONY is looking good.

....the industry is waiting for the next big thing.
Originally Posted by mscion View Post
I vote that Kangal replace Elop!
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I'm flattered

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Originally Posted by Kangal View Post
Jolla has a great idea with OtherHalf, but bad implementation.
Not trying to start anything (don't even own one), just curious about this statement. How is it badly implemented, and how can it be different?

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Originally Posted by Tigerroast View Post
Not trying to start anything (don't even own one), just curious about this statement. How is it badly implemented, and how can it be different?
TOH has a lot of potential. The most obvious implementation is a HW keyboard. Other ideas: audio expansion module, FM radio, wireless charging, solar charging, extra display options... even advanced things like a voltmeter or an oscilloscope.

Err, wait, all of the above has been or is being implemented by Dirk or Kimmo.

And how has Jolla realized the great TOH potential? A few ringtones and background pictures!
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I wanted to provide a detailed review... but what the hell, why use so many words when I can make it nice and simple? I am using Motorola Droid 4 XT894 as my main phone for month and a half, and not coming back. Main reasons are: XT894 literally destroys N900 in browsing experience and battery life, and provides complete user ecosystem when combined with Lapdock. I am typing this message on Lapdock 500. It has 14" 1366*768 screen, fantastic keyboard, good battery life and is overall very comfortable to use. I really appreciate the fact that it's an extension of my phone rather than separate device. Neither the phone nor the lapdock in this combo are perfect. But all in all, it's the best thing money can buy - at least for me.

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After almost 10 years with nokia I moved on to a blackberry Z10 a week back.While my N900 is still perfectly working , i was not able to tolerate the lower speeds.I hate windows and android.So moved to blackberry.It has full multitasking but is as closed as ios and windows. Most of the features that were taken for granted in the N900 does not even get a mention with blackberry. What i miss most is the open vpn support.Surprisingly i havent been affected very much by the lack of hardware keyboard. With N900 , whenever there was a problem or lack of an application , i always had the hope that there would be someway out of the problem. Like when i recognised that N900 does not have system wide proxy support. A bit of googling and fiddling and i had atleast two options to go past it.Not the case with Z10.No system wide proxy means even the mail application does not work with the proxy gateway.And there simply is no way out of it. That said i dont think i will ever use N900 as my main phone now.I will keep it though.As a symbol of lost hope.
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nokia n900, successor

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