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I started getting the 403 error when I want to look at profiles (even my own) and of course, there is a discussion going on here. This site is so handy, thank you everyone!

I may be moving on to a BlackBerry Z10 (it is relatively cheap now & will let me utilize T-Mobile's LTE & wifi calling; like the N9, not a lot of people around own it) but wanted to let everyone here know that I appreciate all the help that you have provided since I have gotten my N9 (for instance, discovering how to clear the Twitter cache to speed up the default Twitter app).

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This app is dead too (after the stock one, and rocket...) it cannot lauche the browser to auth, and complains about time/date settings..! This machine is less and less useful as time passes... Thanks, Microsoft! As usual, what you do, you do well.
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Originally Posted by xaccrocheur View Post
This app is dead too (after the stock one, and rocket...).
this one is dead, but Rocket works fine
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May cleaning the cache files help ?
Please help to list all maemo existing apps :

I am looking for " 4 inch TFT LCD display screen " for Nokia n950 HandSet

Also, I need online storage to archive files :

Upcoming contest:
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Originally Posted by prosper View Post
this one is dead, but Rocket works fine
Rocket supposedly works until you reset your phone and try to authorize a new install

Tweetian had issues with launching a browser and diplaying the code needed. It would show the code, and then load a new page with an error message. A few reloads and i had the code, installed and authorized Tweetian like 30 minutes ago.
Seems to work well enough. Not exactly a hardcore user. Just wish it was possible to get it on the feed page. But at least it freaking works.

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