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@JollaSuomi: In the mean time, here's a cool Sailfish OS theme, by Mariano Flotron, for those of you with a N9/950 device #Jolla

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i am actually looking for that background. Anyone has that?
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arrg, this f-ed my emoticons... somehow, i get red squares.

where are the emoticons located at?
and can anybody upload the original emoticons?

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Easiest way to always fix emoticons is to just reset the cache. The app Theme Changer (not theme settings) has an option to allow you to clear the cache to restore the emoticons.

Of course you can get the stock ones and do it manually but its a pita compared to the one-click solution

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Credits to flotron for making this wondeful theme
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SailfishOS theme... humm, seems legit...
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other work-around with the emoticons issue is to use N9QT and apply the new set of emoticons
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Originally Posted by Artyom View Post
i am actually looking for that background. Anyone has that?
I put a version here:

And here's the image I got it from.
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Like It, applied. :-)
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Well i have an icon pack based on wp
Anyone ready to make a theme of that??
But it should be integrated into theme changer/settings
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