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I've been waiting quite a while for a new build. But I couldn't wait longer and yesterday I've installed build 0.3. Thanks for all your port works. Generally everything is very smooth. But I have some problems with the followings:
  • GPS finds my current location a bit slow (about one minute, I live in İstanbul)
  • No vibration for calls (only a small tic at the beginning)
  • "Problem with network" notification message showing after received and missing calls
  • Sometimes cellular data option not available to enable
  • Calendar doesn't show Google and Facebook events (birthdays actually)
  • There's already a way: How do I cancel tutorial? A way to skip tutorial app would be nice (I've only done three new installations, but it's still time consuming. It would be useful for ports without OTA support )

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cancel tutorial press top left then top right, bottom right and bottom left of screen

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