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I am in the Council but not in Maemo e.V., if that helps
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Originally Posted by mosen View Post
Ok, now the noob question after 2,5 years participation...
Is the council and "community" and the official body Maemo e.V. all the "same"?
So if i apply for membership in the e.V. the money i "donate" as membership fee goes to all the good counterbureaucratic actions like you putting forward the shipping fees for n0xs N9 and maintaining the servers?
I am not so much of a "Vereins" guy and use to donate individually
Is it possible to have a kind of passive membership?
Well, actually you're in luck as you most probably already are a passive member

You can find the MCeV charter here;
and this is what's said about membership;

4 Membership
(1) The association distinguishes three types of membership:
a) active members :
natural and legal persons who are supporting the purpose and the achievement of the association's goals through cooperation and thereby assume the full duties of an association member. In particular, cooperation and participation in the meetings of the members is expected of them.
b) passive members :
natural and legal persons who declare support for the association's purpose and goals through their membership in the association.
c) Honorary members :
Persons who are appointed because of special merits to the Association, upon request by the General Assembly.
To be a passive member it is a loose requirement to have a user account; this way members can participate in elections for example. (note that account is the "garage account", it is not the same as TMO account)

As for the monetary issues; currently Maemo Community e.V. does not collect memvership fees from either active or passive members, and probably will not do so in the foreseeable future; instead we only rely on the freely given donations by community members.
We try to keep the bureaucrazy costs as low as possible; our funds go to support the Maemo infrastructure and to common causes like the coding competition.

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