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I have a reboot loop:

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I have had reboot loops exactly twice, both times when I changed the battery to a spare that I alternate. Each time the battery I was swapping to was at about 50 to 60% charge. It would keep on rebooting, whether on battery power, or when it was plugged in to mains power recharging.
A while back I bought a couple of batteries and a charger from Hong Kong. I find now, that if I charge the battery I am intending to swap to for a few hours, then swap, that I have no problems, so I would say my reboots are tied in to battery level.
Also, it didn't matter whether I was swapping to the Hong Kong battery, or the Nokia battery......if the % charge in the battery was less than maximum, it rebooted.
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Oddly enough, my tablet won't reboot at all if I try to restart while it's charger is plugged in.
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i get the reboot loop after my tablet goes of on empty battery :/

the tablet try automaticaly to start when charger is plug .. so i can't recharge before booting
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Is there some way to check the charge state of the battery using a multimeter?
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"Hi, my name is Peet and I'm a reboot looper..."

So I had my first experience with the loops yesterday after updating OM Weather (to 0.21.6) + stations.dbs in an otherwise solid and unexciting (but uptodate) Diablo system.

Battery was fairly full at ~75-80%, no bash2 installed, emelfm2 was installed but not used during the latest boot session. The system resided on dual-booting N800's internal SD card and I had recently (a week ago) booted from built-in flash to run fsck on all partitions.

OM Weather+stations packages updated without complaints and I turned the device off for reboot. After restart the desktop comes up for a few seconds (without OM Weather visible on screen) before the screen flashes and goes back to restart...

(Precautionary note: Thanks to the slightly outdated "backup OS" in built-in flash, and another slightly outdated Diablo backup on another SD card I'm not completely screwed even if I was on the road...)
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+1 to the battery problem. I think my battery is loosing its charge. So, aside from the sudden drops from 40% to 0%, when I plug in the charger, I guess it does not charge fast enough, so it reboots.

Oh, look, while I was typing this it just rebooted. In the last ten minutes, it has rebooted about 4 times. This goes on for about 30 mins (each time it takes longer to reboot), then it finally has enough charge to not reboot.

Scenario -> Low Battery Warning -> Plug it in -> 5 mins later it reboots -> Install Tools OS selector comes up -> Boots into the "Charging" state -> Reboots about 5-6 more times -> Finally charges....

I am booting from MMC (though the problem still exists from a clean flash), have rotation enabled (only on MMC).

Is this normal?

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