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out-of-left field suggestions.. I saw some induction type(which may still need some attachment to the phone) charger. However, a while ago, I also saw an inductive charger, for the Wii remote, where it does not appear to need any attachment -- for that package the manufacturer also provides a set of battery, may be they customized it with some additional h/w in that battery.

the next best thing would be the ebay BL-5J battery/clone charger
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one option would be buying another battery, those should have about 50% charge when bought. but those chargers are probably cheaper.
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This may be a little a little on the pricey side but it is said to charge anything that can fit in your pocket...


Certainly cheaper than getting your phone repaired and a lot less hassle than removing the battery every evening. You may be able to find a better deal on the fleebay.


Scratch that, I have just looked into these and they are not getting great reviews. NIce proof of concept though.

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You need a 2mm charger though...

charger, usb port

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