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Originally Posted by mr_pingu View Post
I tried to do what Chilango said. T-3-1-1 I would really like if we could hunt down all these dropbox links.

So if someone has all resources I could host it and change the N9QT-app
Have you come across this unrestricted-system-ui resource?
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@mr_pingo may contact schturmann. And better to change this issue to N9QTweak-Thread
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Originally Posted by chilango View Post
No. Have the same problem about a month and was talking with schturmann in the N9QTweak.

I really like to have back N9QTweak T-3-1-1
It is possible to get T-3-1-1 functioning again as picture, hopefully by just ensuring Coderus Trusted Harmattan Repository is installed.

Usual disclaimer about not to try this, if not prepared or able to re-flash firmware if goes wrong.I would need to start all over to see if any stages are superfluous and post a proper work through.

My N9 was re-flashed as previously had MAG unrestricted UI so shouldn't be necessary.
Developer Mode > Utilities installed
Coderus trusted repository
Reboot (possibly)
In Terminal
apt-get update
QTweak used Schturman's here: Tweak EE > 2 (Coderus Aegis-install)

Coderus Unrestricted UI:

[B]At this point try Tweak T >3-1-1 now that coderus trusted repository in sources.list.d, although manual installation should be possible via the following:-

apt-get install --reinstall system-ui
For manual installation need to be in this order as latter dependent upon the former. May have got these two commands wrong here as made mistake of using just apt-get install for these two apps. If you don't use aegis for above you get "server lack of credentials" above brightness bar:

aegis-apt-get install system-ui-unrestricted-server_1.0.2_armel.deb
aegis-apt-get install system-ui-brightness-qml_1.0.4_armel.deb

Hopefully may be of use to chilango or mr_pingo and any feedback welcome.

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