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I ordered a gadget from ebay with the following specs from eBay

The RTL2832U outputs 8-bit I/Q-samples, and the highest theoretically possible sample-rate is 3.2 MS/s, however, the highest sample-rate without lost samples that has been tested so far is 2.8 MS/s. The frequency range is highly dependent of the used tuner, dongles that use the Elonics E4000 offer the widest possible range (64 - 1700 MHz with a gap from approx. 1100 - 1250 MHz). When used out-of-spec, a tuning range of approx. 50 MHz - 2.2 GHz is possible (with gap).

Wondering if the drivers could end up in the next power kernel and if this could be used to tune radio signals on the N900 much like is discussed in the USB DAC thread. With the right antenna this might even work as a LNB for receiving satellite signals and at $22 not such an investment.
Decoding a TV signal is very far down the list of things to do with this thing, mostly want to decode amateur radio signals and maybe weather satellite signals with some debian programs.

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This would be neat, I have just got one (RTLSDR) myself.
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There is no need for extra drivers, just plain USB stack works for it.

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Hi guys,

This is great news, I had raised a query relation on this, ((if it could be possible to receive DVB_T and DVB_H signals from an usb device...and from my understanding, it looks like its exactly that you are talking about.
I will get mine from ebay too, when the shipping is done, will check to see how much I can delve with this. Even better, no additional software needed?! Waah,

Thanks ya'll.

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