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I would like to ask whether itīs currently better to install SSU testing or stable. I read changelogs. Stable version is updated in 2016, testing version in 2015. Is the testing version updated yet? I would like the most up-to-date version of the available enhancements for the N900. If possible, they are updated.

Thank you very much for your explanation and help.
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Testing by all means!
We are just short on manpower, otherwise the current Testing should have been Stable since a long time already

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I would still say stable is the go to for new users and LTS.
That being said most regulars use Testing on there daily drivers.
Do consider that Testing will replace some packages with FOSS clones (i.e. camera-ui2) which you may or may not prefer to stock.
Stable will work exactly like stock OOTB, whereas Testing may not.
Testing will have the latest packages, even if it was pushed to the repos later.
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I agree with sixwheeledbeast, go with stable first.
You can always upgrade to testing from stable at a later date.

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Agree with sixweeledbeast but im using CSSU Testing since i bought my N900 and havent had any issues with it so far.

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I apologize for the late response. I finally installed the testing version. So far everything is stable and works as it should. Thank you for your help with the decision.

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