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You can't have enough facebook clients can you?

I mainly started this project three days ago cause all other facebook clients are lacking some features in one way or another, and it was a good way to start looking web APIs.

I plan to include all features (that I can include, I can't send messages using the API for some reason, so while the UI is coded, facebook doesn't allow it).

If something doesn't work (Notes and places for example), then it's not implemented.

Also, I'd appreciate some help with the icons before someone sues me

Depending on what the final name will be (I went with Sociality right now since it has the highest votes), the via Nokia N900 will probably change, though I am planning to have something like Via App Name for Nokia N900.

Anyway, a quick screenshot:

So yeah, this is a quick release (again, I only started working on this 3 days ago).

(Just some quick tips, you can create a new album in Photos -> tap title bar, I noticed this was being requested a lot around the forums, you can also create events and embed videos in status updates).

You can find the name poll here

App name is Sociality (apt-get install socaility or get it through HAM/fapman)

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looks interesting. ill give it a shot

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Originally Posted by MohammadAG View Post
Also, I'd appreciate some help with the icons before someone sues me
The client looks nice! As for the icons, maybe itīs my taste but I think this is awesome:

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because the name was sociality, seems like nokia social applications.
Would be nice if integrated to twitter as well.

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Definitely awesome .
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look good for a 3 days work

Anyway just want to give you feed back from testing.

- Acceptant testing
The program work. Requires double tabs to select icons.
No icons to start app yet.
Notifications opened in another windows rather than open in one windows.
Still a bit more to go in graphics

Good work

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i got a problem after installing this apps...i can't see any icon on my menu....
i have try rebooting my phone but still no icon....
help needed????
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Start it from Terminal
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Originally Posted by pusak gaoq View Post
i got a problem after installing this apps...i can't see any icon on my menu....
i have try rebooting my phone but still no icon....
help needed????
go to terminal and type


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facebook, facebook client

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