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Hi, I'm wondering what may be the problem for suddenly not being able to find satellites for my internal GPS on the Nokia N900.

The softwares I've used to debug/check gps status are GPSJinni and location-test-gui, both of which report no satellites in view.

I've tried the gps clear cache script which was suggested when users can't get a fix. However, considering that I can't even find satellites, I'm assuming this is a different problem.
Are there any other things I can reset? Where's the cached almanac stored?

Could it be hardware problems? That I perhaps have a defective antenna for some reason? What's the best way to debug?

I don't have an external bluetooth gps device for testing, but I do have another N900 which finds several satellites where my currently active one doesn't. Could I hook that up as a bluetooth gps perhaps? (instructions would be welcome, otherwise I'll search for them later today)
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I have read a few other posts that mention the same thing, all of those seemed to conclude that it was a dead GPS module in the phone itself (hardware)

Apologies, my post isn't really that helpful, but this thread should be a bit of a start.

Probably one suggestion would be to search out NMEA and N900, there are quite a few useful scripts floating about the place that you could string together to get the desired functionality.

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