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Well, I'm not sure what text editors the n900 comes with that are more user friendly (mine is still on route to me), but if you have a text editor you need to open the file it in that and use it - which I guess has complications added if the file has restricted permissions from the root user.


sudo nano /etc/hildon/..(type the filename here or copy paste it)

If you know what your editor is called, try typing that instead of nano - that's just an example and I'm doing this on an N95...

Please excuse me, I don't guarantee and not even confident that this won't break the file ownership. Careful!
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Ok, so I was given the solution.

Here's a step by step for this issue.

1. install rootsh & leafpad
2. open Xterminnal and type "sudo gainroot"
3. Then type "leafpad /etc/event.d/hildon-control-panel-personalisation"
4. Then make change "start on started xomap" to "start on MOUNTS_OK"
5. Click the top Menu and select "Save"

All Done :-)

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It worked, thanks!
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Worked for me too.

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Worked for me too , thanks alot

Great forum with great users , I LIKE
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A big Thanks !
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It works also in my N900.

Thanks a lot.

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